The old Niobi of the Matrix 4 trailer?Why she is so old

The Matrix Resurrection trailer reveals an old Niobe, and while the reason for her age remains a mystery, there are some possible explanations.

latest Matrix Resurrections The trailer clearly reveals the old Niobe, and the audience wonders why she was old. Zion’s rebel, played by old man Jada Pinkett Smith, is shown talking to Neo. She is one of the few compelling revelations of the trailer. Return of Agent Smith.. There are multiple possibilities for her role in the next blockbuster, with possible explanations for her age.

Niobe entered Saga at Matrix ReloadedZion’s hovercraft ship, where she fought in a human rebellion against the machine and piloted Logos and Logos II. Within the Matrix, she ranks highest in martial arts. In the real world, she has the best pilot skills in the Resistance.The last hug of her and Morpheus Matrix Revolutions It hinted at a rekindling of their romance. Matrix Resurrections, Alongside Morpheus’s fate and Niobe’s life, until the fourth movie event.

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Niobe’s aging has been a long time since the end of the third movie, but it’s most likely due to her living in the real world, Zion. Neo and Trinity are also older, but not so old. As Morpheus of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II first explains, this is probably because they are circles in the matrix. Matrix Resurrections trailer: “We can’t see it, but we’re all trapped in these weird repeating loopsIf you live outside the simulated reality, Niobe will not be affected.

Jada Pinkett Smith as Niobi in The Matrix Resurrections

In the quick trailer scene, she tells Neo:It’s easy to forget how much noise the Matrix sends to your head. Something else makes the same kind of noise: war.. “ It’s clear that a quick shot of a character saying “war” means a ceasefire between humans and machines mediated by Neo. Matrix Revolutions Frustrated, she would once again play a role in human rebellion.When Niobe talks to him, Neo’s hair is shaved and he Freed from the matrix In this shot — and probably Zion. Given Niobe’s age, it is unlikely that she will participate in the conflict in the position of Councilor Zion, one of the twelve who have the final say in governing the city.

Now that Niobe believes in Wang’s prophecy, it’s possible that Niobe has a mentor-like hand to support Neo. She originally ended her relationship with Morpheus when she learned about prophecies from Oracle and devoted herself to finding the savior of mankind.It would be ironic and beautiful to see Niobe go around Matrix Resurrections And wait New Morpheus To lead Neo to the role of One again.

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The old Niobi of the Matrix 4 trailer?Why she is so old

https://screenrant.com/matrix-resurrections-trailer-niobe-jada-pinkett-smith-older/ The old Niobi of the Matrix 4 trailer?Why she is so old

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