The operation of the world’s largest PS5 console cost £ 50,000 to build YouTuber

YouTuber is weird (Photo: YouTube)

If you’re one of the few people who think the PS5 is too small, not too big, what about a person who is 10 feet high and weighs 500 pounds?

Opinions differ depending on whether the PlayStation 5 console design is stylish or ugly, but with the exception of YouTuber ZHC, most people agree that it’s too big.

The PlayStation 5 has a fan big enough to cool the chip and isn’t as noisy as the PlayStation 4, but unfortunately it can be hard to fit under the TV.

It’s 100 times larger, weighs 500 pounds, and stands up at 10 feet, which is nothing compared to what ZHC made. And all the cost of putting it together was $ 70,000 (£ 50,300).

The word “why” may be bouncing around in your head, but the fact that the video below has been viewed more than 12 million times is a perfect answer.

In any case, ZHC (real name Zachary Hsieh) seems to be loaded and boasts of giving away free homes and cars to subscribers and, for some reason, other YouTube celebrities.

On the giant PlayStation 5, he held a contest between himself and five other artists to paint one side of the console. ZHC has promised to offer regular-sized PlayStation 5s to artists and various charities for free if they win.

If he lost, the plan was to give out a huge PlayStation 5, but in the end he won, so he gave out 100 regular PlayStation 5s (it’s not clear where they got them).

That means he’s currently hanging on a giant PlayStation 5. It’s fully functional and even has a huge size controller to match.

At the moment, most gamers can get a regular PlayStation 5 at a standard retail price, but it will soon be in stock and may be available this week if available from Very or various other UK stores. not. ..

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World’s largest working PS5 console cost YouTuber £50,000 to make

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