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I spent last week helping out in strange moments here and there Fire emblemPrince Mars seeks out the legendary sword, defeats the forces of darkness and rescues his kingdom from the evil wizard. Throughout all that, one question continued to emerge on the surface, good and bad: why?

Why did Nintendo finally decide to transplant? Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light, A NES game 30 years ago that has never been localized, to Switch in 2020? Why charge $ 6 for the game instead of including it as part of Switch Online’s subscription-based retro library, as it did in Japan last year?Why can only you buy Shadow dragon and blade of light Will Nintendo be unavailable until the end of March 31, 2021 for the current fiscal year? And why did Nintendo decide to use this innovative time capsule in all games up to 2020?


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Shadow dragon and blade of light Is a turn-based tactical game. This means shuffling small warriors around a grid-like map, fighting enemies and sometimes leveling up until you win the battle and start a new encounter on a new map.A few years ago Tactics Ogre: Let’s cling together And Final fantasy tactics, Intelligent Systems and Nintendo have stamped the genre of strategy. Famicom Wars, The predecessor of Advanced Wars..A few years later, the studio created the series with a fantasy RPG spin. Fire emblem..

Compared to last year Fire Emblem: Three Houses— An epic of a strategy whose battle is comparable to a tea party to make it a relationship sim and a visual novel more than anything else —Shadow dragon and blade of light It’s an incredibly solemn event. There is no weapon triangle that is a staple of the series of swords, spears, and axes that pierce each other in rock-paper-scissors games. Character development and relationships are also minimal. Instead, you can learn to care for and care for your character, primarily by watching the character slowly gain experience, become stronger, and survive the battle of Permadeath.

This slog is not unattractive. You can understand the old-fashioned simplicity of trying to defeat your opponents primarily through positioning and numbers games, rather than leveraging powerful allies to fight weapons. This game is especially suitable for making dinner and watching sports. Seeing the Eagles fall to the final spot in the NFL’s weakest division is a bit less soul crushed when Mars parries and hits a slaughter with a second thrust in a double attack. I will.

But Shadow dragon and blade of light Is an old and repetitive game that cannot be dressed up with some modern quality of life features. The Switchport also adds a bookmarking feature that saves you in battle, doubles the speed of your game, and even allows you to replay turns if needed. But you are still working within the design of the NES era. There is no highlighted area that tells you where the unit can move, so you have to switch until you hit an invisible wall. Weapons, on the other hand, cannot be transferred directly between the shopkeeper and the supply cache, requiring the hassle of swapping equipment between characters when navigating a slightly delayed menu pop-up. The new localization seems to be good, especially with the old NES standard. In other words, I didn’t shake my head more than usual while playing the JRPG.


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Once again, I’m wondering why.I knew Shadow dragon and blade of light Already remade once, as in the early 1994s Fire Emblem: The Mystery of the Emblem For Super Nintendo?The graphics have transformed into 16 bits, but in the second half The mystery of the emblem It served as a sequel to Mars’ progress and became part of Switch Online in Japan just a few months ago. The game didn’t come west, Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon, A complete remake of the DS original was made in 2009. A Kotaku Review of it, Praised the addition of online multiplayer.

Nintendo calls the no-frills Switchport a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the series, but porting one of these games might have been a better compliment. At the very least, it could have added some bonus features so that the opportunity feels more special and doesn’t feel like a retrofit. Switch Online version Shadow dragon and blade of light In Japan, a full save state feature and bonus files have been added, allowing you to pick up the game at the beginning of Act 3 or just before the final boss, if desired. Also, there are no plans to disappear early next year.

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