The original Mortal Kombat actress wants to get her stolen war gods helmet back, offering a $ 250 reward

Former motion-capture actresses from multiple Midway games, including the original Mortal Kombat Sonia Blade, turned to social media to retrieve items stolen 25 years ago.

Kelly Ann Hoskins recently posted a $ 250 reward for the helmet she wore while playing Valor in the Nintendo 64 fighting game War Gods. According to Hoskins, the helmet was stolen from the E3 1996 coat check and she is willing to pay to get it back.

“Rose was the most painstaking outfit I’ve done for Midway,” Hoskins said in response to a request for comment from GameSpot. “In the case of Valor’s helmet, they actually cast to fit my head perfectly. The artist did a great job of engraving the features.”

Hoskins told GameSpot about the day the helmet was stolen, saying the helmet was stolen during a festive dinner party held by Midway at the Convention Hall. Hoskins was still dressed and attending the party, checking his helmet with a coat check before sitting at the table.

“When I come back to get it back [the helmet], It’s gone, “Hoskins said.[The attendant] I wore a helmet on the closet shelf. Anyone who passed by would have seen it. “

Hoskins hopes that the power of social media will help him recover the stolen helmet and hopes to give it to his children someday. When asked what to say if someone with a helmet read this, she replied briefly.

“Hey, I know it’s a cool piece of art … but it only suits me,” Hoskins said. “Because it was made for me, not you. It’s been 25 years. Can I get it back now?”

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