The original Spawn Star has a good reason to want a cameo appearance with a reboot of Todd McFarlane

Original Spawn Star and martial arts actor Michael Jai White says he wants to be a cameo in the next reboot of the comic book antihero, and for very honorable reasons. When asked if he would consider a small role for Todd McFarlane, he held a reboot when it finally fell to the ground, Black dynamite The star said he would have to say yes, but only in honor of his fans.

“Yeah, yeah. In honor of the fans who put me in my current location, I would have to say that. Only then.”

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In 1997, Michael Jai White Stepped into the protagonist of Al Simmons AKA Spawn, Soldiers, mercenaries, assassins who start their lives. Simmons, who was killed on a mission by a fellow mercenary, is sent to hell thanks to his life killed for money, but after arranging a contract with what is known as Maleborgia, Simmons he I agree to be a health pawn instead of being allowed to meet my wife. Finally again. Sadly, the film has been beaten by critics and continues to be a prime example of how to not adapt the characteristics of popular comic books, but many admire White’s fiercely central performance. did.

A Spawn restart I’ve been working on it for a while. Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane will make his debut as a feature film director and write a script. White recently unveiled a unique plan that comic writers had many years ago for the reintroduction of the character’s big screen. Action stars are skeptical if it works. “”[McFarlane has] “I’ve been trying to show a new movie for 23 years, so I don’t know,” he said. , Like Jaws, he strikes, and you never see him, and I’m like “OK, do your best with it!” Personally, I hope he gets well. That would be a big investment. “

Obviously, McFarlane found a way, Horror producer Jason Blum recently provided an update Regarding Spawn Rebooting shows that the project is still under active development and he and McFarlane are taking the time to get the script properly. “It will be very different, it will be very edgy,” Blum teased. “What excited me about it was that Spawn was like the last great undeveloped cartoon. It seemed like a great opportunity. I thought the story needed to be right. It took longer than it was, but we are still working on it. “”

Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx is reportedly still on board Despite recent rumors that the actor has left, he starred as a famous cartoon icon. With him Avengers: Endgame It is rumored that star Jeremy Renner is also on board, and the actor is set up to play a revenge warrior and a murder detective across the road.

Don’t expect to see, despite some positive updates from things like Blum and McFarlane Spawn It will rise again soon.This comes in our courtesy Comicbook.com..

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The original Spawn Star has a good reason to want a cameo appearance with a reboot of Todd McFarlane

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