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My adventure with Matt Nava began with the game company Journey and followed Giant Squid’s debut masterpiece ABZÛ. Ten years after this partnership, we are ready to release The Pathless. I think this pushed me harder than the previous two (and, to be honest, probably more than any score I’ve done).

I was fortunate to have been involved from the beginning of the project and to be able to compose with the development of Giant Squid for over 3 years. In the meantime, the concept of scoring has evolved significantly not only in terms of how it is technically implemented in the game, but also more philosophically. ABZÛ’s storytelling is very linear, but The Pathless’s open world design required a different relationship between the player and the music. We always need to tweak when we feel our job is to gently accompany the player’s unguided wanderings and when we need to inject more aggressive emotions into the game without apology. was.

Austin Wintory conducting a large horn ensemble at London’s famous Abbey Road Studios 2

It is said that he recorded 104 musicians and wrote almost 3 hours of music. The scores, built around what I call a “global jam band,” combine the musical traditions of Tuba, Scandinavia, China, Eastern Europe, Mongolia, Appalachia and West Africa with Middle Eastern hints, all intermittently. It mixes with the taste of the orchestra.

The goal was to create something like a “playable myth”, as if the player was directly experiencing a story that emphasized the story behind the constellations and cave paintings. It’s a very human exploration of some of our most lasting ideas across all cultures on the planet.

Recorded with Tuvan Alash Ensemble at Bias Studios, Washington, DC

The resulting range was far beyond previous games. We have once again collaborated with a great partner of SoundCrime Steve Green, Giant Squid’s sound designer and audio guru, to create a large interactive score that dances to player choices throughout the adventure. Explore, solve puzzles, glide through the clouds and take part in dazzling fierce battles, your score will rock seamlessly.

As we approach the launch, we can’t wait to pull the curtains back in more detail. This was a labor of love like no other, and everyone involved gave it everything they had. Thank you for visiting. We look forward to discovering what was discovered on November 12th.

Tuva’s Arash Ensemble, Composer Austin Wintory

Inside the layered, global music of The Pathless

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