The perfect game to play right now on the Xbox Series X | S

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are finally out. There aren’t many big new exclusives, but there are still many great games to play on Microsoft’s latest platform. To help organize the launch lineup, staff has carefully selected a list of the 10 best games currently available for play on the Xbox Series X | S. Dive into a new adventure, introduce your game TV with 4K 120Hz gameplay, or revisit. An old favorite due to backward compatibility on the Xbox. Here are some recommendations for the best 10 Xbox Series X | S games.

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The best game to play on the Xbox Series X | S

Whether you’re crossing the plains in story mode or messing around the city of Saint-Denis with your friends on Red Dead Online, the latest world of rock stars is one of the best times on your Xbox controller. May not run at 60FPS-at least until Rockstar decides to optimize for the XSX, Arthur’s Mogi is still locked at 30FPS-but may have experienced with the last generation of hardware Some frame rate drops disappeared over minutes-and-half the length of the loading screen at startup (cowboy).

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice first appeared on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in early 2019, but the organic improvements seen in the new Xbox Series X make it the best way to play From Software’s latest products. Sekiro on Xbox Series X runs at locked 60 frames per second. This greatly improves the experience that requires momentary counters, avoidance, and parry, while creating a smooth playground for wrestling and passing through zippers.

Whether you’re diving for the first time or digging in again, Sekiro is a great candidate for naming the new Xbox Series X due to its improved load times and frame rates.

8. Halo: Master Chief Collection

Halo: The Master Chief Collection collects all six Halo games under one digital roof. Halo5: Everything except Guardians. It was disassembled into studs and rebuilt in a spectacular way. Even better, it has been upgraded again for the Xbox Series X, which supports 120fps gameplay. When I first played these games, I was crazy about 480i / 30fps …

The next chapter in the Master Chief’s story, Halo Infinite, will be released in 2021.

7. Forza Horizon 4

4K gaming TV ideal for PS5 and Xbox Series X

One of the best racing games ever created, and the best Microsoft-only product ever on the Xbox One, the Forza Horizon 4 Series X update significantly reduces load times. , The menu shuffle and car switching have been delayed a little. A player with a huge 700+ car garage).

The 1080p / 60fps performance mode on the Xbox One X extended version will also be 4K / 60fps here in Series X, but strangely, there are some (preferably temporary) lost from the Xbox One X 30fps quality mode. .. Forza Horizon 4 may be a few years old, but it’s not too late. New free cars are still being injected into the game every month.

Don’t confuse this with a game you’ve already purchased on Xbox One. The Xbox Series X NBA 2K21 is a brand new next-generation version with a variety of game modes, technologies, visuals and more. And it looks great. In fact, this may be the most “next generation” looking game in the Series X launch lineup. It’s also a pretty good basketball sim!

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