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Holidays are here! And as shipping and time escalate, you need to start shopping for Detroit Lions fans in your life.

If you’re like me, the sled bell is about to start ringing. As soon as the Thanksgiving dinner is over, we move on to Christmas.

Alternatively, you might crank up the “Jingle Bell Rock” as soon as Halloween is over. Each independently.

But in any case, the holidays are approaching, whether ready or not. And in fact, we’re seeing some insane slowdowns in shipping. You probably have already seen them. So the clock is ticking. The sooner you receive your order, the more likely you are to put everything under the tree in time.

We are here to help you.

Check out the gift guide below to make sure you have a gift for every Detroit Lions fan of your life.


Detroit Lions Reversible Hoodies

If your favorite hoodie and your favorite blanket are somehow magically combined, do you know what you have? You will have Hoodeez.

Order Hoodeez for $ 55.


Detroit Lions Nike 2021 Replica Jersey

You see, every fan needs at least one jersey in rotation. Can I suggest a replica uniform?

Order a replica jersey for $ 99.99.


Detroit Lions Family Ugly Sweater Pajamas

Keep your whole family warm and cozy this winter with ugly sweater pajamas.

Order PJ for your family (price varies).


Detroit Lions New Era Sideline Team Logo Hat

New hats are always a welcome gift. Your favorite player sways to the bystander, especially when it’s the same lid.

Order a New Era hat for $ 35.99.


Detroit Lions Team Logo Sherpa Throw

Can you sit down in the fan’s cave, turn on the game, and relax rather than wrap it in a Sherpa blanket? No, it’s not.

Order a Sherpa plush toy for $ 45.


NFL Electric Desktop Game

If the NFL actions on Monday, Thursday, Sunday, and sometimes Saturday aren’t enough, this tabletop game is for you.

Order the NFL Electric Desktop Game for $ 79.99.

EA Sports

Madden NFL22

So we older Madden veterans are anxious for the Madden NFL 2005 era. Madden 22 is not. However, the game is visually stunning, with overhauls introduced to Scouts, and is still one of the best-selling games on the planet.

Order Madden NFL22 for PS4, PS5, XB1 or XBSX systems.


Tailgate table

The next time you head to the stadium, be sure to be there early and join the tailgate. This foldable table ensures that you have space for your drinks, your dog and others.

Order a tailgate table for $ 69.99.

Snake River Farm

Snake River Farm’s special meat

Whether you’re away from home or looking off the couch, it’s no better than Game Day’s premium steak. Snake River Farms has a bundle for everyone.

Check out the Snake River Farm.


Detroit Lions Nike Impact Hoodie

It’s cold and not interesting. But the new hooded sweatshirt helps keep everyone warm. In addition, it looks better.

Order a Nike hoodie for $ 69.99.


Personalized etched beer mug

Use a personalized mug to make sure brewski (or others) stays ice-cold throughout the game.

Order an etched beer mug for $ 22.99


Autographed NFL All-Star Game Ball

On August 31, 1934, the College Football All-Stars team met the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. Over 79,000 fans attended to see a 0-0 draw. The game continued to be played until the 1970s (skipped for several years during World War II).

The ball features signatures from participants such as Bronconaguruski and Red Grange. Check the ball on Amazon.

Order this signed ball for $ 32,000.


Breaking TNFLPA-License Shirt

If you’re looking for a unique and comfortable gift, everyone is looking for Breaking T, “Where can I get it ?!”

Shop Breaking T.

Happy Holidays, FanSiders!

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The perfect holiday gift for Detroit Lions fans The perfect holiday gift for Detroit Lions fans

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