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Baseball and facial hair go together like a pitcher and catcher, a stirrup and a cleat, a relief and a prank. There’s something that looks perfect for a guy digging a plate, with his uniform dirty, with a beard big enough to make ZZ Top jealous.

Such looks existed in the early 19th century baseball, but owners soon demanded cleaner-cut products. Fortunately, facial hair has re-emerged since Charlie Finley had a mustache on Auckland A in the 1970s. You can even argue that there has never been a better time for a ball player to throw away a razor and let go of the hairy side.

So today, let’s take a look at one iconic, amazing, or just weird facial hair from the history of every team.

Angels: Reggie Jackson

It may not have been his most bushy look (70’s A), or his most successful (Yankees), but perhaps his most iconic. Big glasses, bushy mustaches, and polyester pullover angels jerseys have something to scream Reggie.

Astros: Jeff Bagwell

Bagwell’s very long beard may make a greater contribution to the baseball game than all his home runs, as there are fewer style choices than brand new limbs made of hair. Once upon a time, Bethany Heck of the Eephus League determined that Bagwell’s beard (peak) was 3 1/2 inches long.

A’s: Mike Fiers

Rollie Fingers, figuratively speaking, had to walk, so Fiers … just turned his face up for this.

He said when he did it Recent cold streaks, But … I don’t know, man.

Blue Jays: Eric Thames

Before Eric Thames was tied to muscleThe finger-striking man you know and love right now, he was the vice president of Creative Facial Hair in Toronto.

Braves: King Kelly

Kelly-A vaudeville star credited as Inventor of double steel and hit-and-run -Known as $ 10,000 Beauty. Probably because of’stache.

Brewers: Gorman Thomas

Interesting fact: Gorman Thomas is the name of a mustache, not a man.

Cardinal: Dustin Hermansson

Hermansson defeated The Hunger Games Finely carved chin beard Look for at least 10 years.

Cubs: Rod Beck

Between the long curly mullet and the mustache, Beck was the real Kenny Powers. Beck wasn’t just about facial hair, he was really unique.When sent to the Cubs Triple A affiliate in Iowa, he Trailer over the center field fence And welcomed the fans to knock on his door and hang out with him.

D-Bucks: Clay Sabada

2009 was a pretty good year for Zabada. He not only pitched in the big league, but also posted 3.35ERA on the D-back 51IP, and won the Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year Award from the American Mustache Institute. (Yes, that’s the thing And it happened.. )

Dodgers: French Boldagarai

Facial hair lovers should consider Mr. Boldagarai as a kind of hero. After growing some thin mustaches as an extra in the movie during the off-season, he maintained it when he reported to the Dodgers Camp in 1936. This is the first facial hair that a ball player has sported in decades and he is a media sensation.

“The new mustache of the famous movie Extra is clearly a delicate case of Ronald Colman’s pattern. [Casey] Stengel says it was the cleanest I’ve ever seen, but Frenchie says Casey is jealous and threatens to wear it. ” Tommy Holmes wrote to the Brooklyn Eagle..

Giants: Jim O’Rourke

Sure, I took an easy route and Brian Wilson’s huge, Jet-black beard Both jumps began a baseball facial hair revolution, giving countless “Fear the Beard” chants.I was able to go with Sergio Romo’s amazing burnside -Probably the first of its kind in modern times.

Instead, I have to go with the New York Giants infielder Jim O’Rourke. His mustache may have helped kill the facial hair in the game … because of an error.

As the New York Post wrote at the time, “Just before the ball settled in Oruk’s mitt, he was seen dispelling something from his eyes. It was his long, silky blonde whiskers. And one end of it was blown into his deep blue ball by the wind. “

Indians: Oscar Gamble

If you’re just focusing on the Afro that changes the game of gambling, you’ve missed the best mustache in Cleveland’s sports history.

Mariners: Jay Buhner

Goat whiskers have become so ubiquitous that it’s hard to remember that when Buner swept the world in the 90’s, it was exactly the origin of counterculture.

The neck of the viewer is Newspaper inch..

Marlins: Kevin Mattison

Mattison may have played only three games for the Marlins-became hitless at bat-but his mustache is remembered for a long time.

Sadly, Mattison didn’t show off this carefully waxed number while in Major League Baseball:

Mets: Bobby Valentine

Keith Hernandez is the most famous mustache-bearing Mets player, causing a panicked frenzy when he decides. Cut off the beastBut when he tried to sneak into the dugout in 1999, it was Bobby V who showed how important a mustache was to a ball club.

Nationals: Danny Espinosa

This photo was one of the best moments in the team’s history before Nuts won the World Series this fall.

Orioles: Eddie Murray

Murray’s mustache and sideburns were so good Statue outside the Camden Yard I tried to include them and made the hair bronze forever.

Padres: Dale Thayer

Little-known fact: Do you remember the village of Whos in “Horton Hears a Who?” Yes, they ended up living in Sayer’s finely cultivated facial hair forest.

Phillies: Sulfasano

Fasano’s handlebar mustache and the general joie de vivre were enough to inspire a group of fans dedicated to backup catchers called “Sal’s Pal’s”. Naturally, they also had mustaches.

Pirates: Ronny Cedeño

The team that won the Pirates 1979 World Series had a lot of seriously fuzzy mustaches, led by Phil Garner and Dale Bella.

But they lost to Sedenho. Sedenho was pulled in with eye black when Bucco’s teammates had mustaches and mustaches in 2010 and his follicles went wrong. That is our commitment.

Rangers: Derek Holland

Holland is the game Most enthusiastic “Dumband Dumber” fans, He was known as the Mustache Rangers pitcher.

Raise: Luke Scott

With those mutton chops, we speculate that his skeleton is also laced Adamantium..

Reds: Corky Mirror

Reds did not allow Facial hair until 1999 When Greg Vaughn’s arrival forced a change in team policy. So, unfortunately, these great Big Red Machine teams don’t have Big Red Mustaches. (Although it turned their 1972 World Series match against A into a showdown Hair and square.. )

Fortunately, they adopted backup catcher Corky Mirror, and the huge mustache he wore with the Reds in 2013 made him a fan favorite. His favorite style is sick’stache, but he has no problem with his beard.So He said during Reddit AMA, “Not everyone is destined for greatness.”

Red Sox: Mike Napoli

Perhaps the most chin-bearing member of the Red Sox’s chin-bearing 2013 World Series team, Naples is committed to making things grow longer after retirement.

Rockies: Charlie Blackmon

please think about it. Without a broken leg in college, one of the game’s most iconic beards wouldn’t have grown. To avoid injury at Georgia Institute of Technology in 2011, Blackmon decided not to shave until he could walk again. That was the first taste of his beard.And he Rocked it during the 2014 spring training -When he first removed the Big League team from the camp-Well, it got stuck.

Royals: Dan Quisenberry

I’ve acknowledged, Dennis Leonard had a bigger and bolder look, But there is a perfect way for the Royals Write a poemThe submarine rescue ace also looked like a dad in the 1980s.

Tigers: Jose Valverde

“Half-dyed hair tufts on the chin” is arguably the strangest look on the whole list.

Minnesota Twins: Randy Dobnack

Surprisingly, Dobnack’s signature humanchu is a recent development. It came from his days in the minor league where he shaved his mustache but decided to leave a mustache. When he was promoted to Double-A the next day, he knew he had to keep it.

White Sox: Dick Allen

Mustaches, sideburns, and the big frame glasses he wore on the plate-Dick Allen was simply a cool anthropomorphic.

Yankees: Don Mattingly

It’s the most iconic’stache in baseball history, no bar.

But if you really want to see a cursed image, it can rock you at the heart of you. Then scroll down. But I warn you, I will never come back:

This goat beard offended owner George Steinbrenner … and probably “On the mat!Trim those sideburns.. “

Michael Clair writes to He spends a lot of time thinking about walk-up music and believes that stirrup socks are an integral part of all formal wear.

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The perfect mustache and mustache for all MLB teams The perfect mustache and mustache for all MLB teams

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