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The perfect photo in Portland! -Living room real estate

Congratulations to my client Tye for winning this cute little starter home.

We were able to successfully negotiate a repair and get credit for the closure cost. Have your home valued at a higher value.

The market was cruel. But if you maintain your strategy and play the cards correctly, you can stay ahead of the game.
I hope this house will treat my clients well for all the years to come!
Congratulations Thailand!

I can’t wait to see what you’re doing there.

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I’m just here and trying to become Ruth Bader Ginsburg in real estate. I’m from Florida. A simple foodie. Concert / music festival lovers. Community organizer. Majored in Psychology and Business twice. And I traveled to 50 states and all 4 continents. Housing has always been important to me. It’s more than where the mind is, it’s a place where we feel safe, connect, giggle, and grow. Over the years, he has managed a 350-bed international youth hostel in downtown San Francisco, worked at Habitat for Humanity with America Corp NCCC, volunteered to rebuild Katrina’s large-scale homes in New Orleans, and defended landowner tenants in the non-profit sector. Has been provided. All the way to eventually become a real estate agent. I bought and restored my home, a 1917 craftsman with patience, creativity, witty thinking, real estate commitment, strategic and honesty in negotiations. I will do the same for you. Being an agent in Living Room Realty gives you the opportunity to become a home matchmaker. Meet great clients who will soon have a home that meets their needs, their livelihood, and their dreams. Are you planning to sell your home? Good, I can help you with that too. I’m particularly excited to work with first-time homebuyers, marginalized identities, and those who want to have a fun support agent throughout the homebuying process. When I’m not scouting for a new property, I’m usually with my favorite person, Partner’s Camille. Together we treat each other with stupid cuteness and sweetness. You should meet all of us. * Camille is also a therapist, so don’t worry if the process becomes overwhelming or stressful, we have you. Other reasons to contact me:

  • You need a Spotify playlist for the occasion.
  • Gender ideology combo.
  • Sappy Rom-Com Recs.
  • Creation of a better world.
  • Dad’s joke!

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The perfect photo in Portland! -Living room real estate The perfect photo in Portland! -Living room real estate

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