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The person in charge is aiming to create a renewable energy institution

Thursday’s House of Representatives Power Sector Reform Act of 2005, Strengthen the sector for efficient service delivery. And related matters.

U.S. Parliamentary Commissioner Magaj Arille, who leads the debate on the general principles of the bill, told the House of Representatives that the proposed amendment was far behind.

He said the amendment aims to provide a legal and institutional framework for the implementation and coordination of local electrification projects.

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Aliyu said the amendment also called for the establishment of a National Institute of Electricity Training and regulatory provisions, as well as the Local Electrification and Renewable Energy Agency.

The Article 32 document introduced a new clause “94A” after the existing Article 94 of the main legislation to provide stricter penalties for crimes committed against electrical infrastructure.

Given the background of his presentation, Arille reminded his colleagues that the law was enacted as far back as 2005 as an integrated legal framework for regulating the electricity sector in Nigeria.

“For about 1.5 years, the law hasn’t been amended because of the increasing challenges affecting power sector efficiency, corporate stability and outlook,” he said.

In exercising his powers, he said the Electricity Commission has begun amending legislation aimed at overcoming the challenges of the better electricity sector in Nigeria.

According to him, the proposal was endorsed by the views of stakeholders such as the Federal Ministry of Electricity, the Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA), power companies, the Nigerian Distribution Association and the Nigerian National Institute of Electricity Training.

With no dissenting opinion, the bill was passed and referred to the Power Commission for further legislative action.

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The person in charge is aiming to create a renewable energy institution The person in charge is aiming to create a renewable energy institution

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