The Picard Season 2 trailer first reveals Whoopi Goldberg’s return as Guinan

Jean-Luc has a familiar look on the all-new trailer for Season 2. Star Trek: Picard With Paramount +. Set to come back with a new episode on March 3rd. Picard Revive Patrick Stewart in 10 more episodes with the title Star Trek Fan favorite. Paramount + also released a new image of Whoopi Goldberg returning to Guinan in Season 2. You can also watch the trailer of Goldberg’s return to this role. You can see the new trailer below.

“I saw the first season of PicardGoldberg said last year before she returned home, as Guinan was officially announced. Star Trek.. I hope I can join their cast for a while next year. I’m very excited. “

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The outline of the second season is as follows. Star Trek: Picard Take the legendary Jean-Luc Picard and his crew on a bold and exciting new journey: to the past. Picard must bring in both old and new friends to confront the dangers of the Earth in the 21st century to save the future of the galaxy. And you have to face the ultimate test from one of his greatest enemies. “

Season 2 will be Executive Producer by Stewart, Alex Kurtzman, Akiva Goldsman, Terry Matalas, Heather Kadin, Aaron Ears, Roddenberry, Trevor Ross, Doug Aarniokoski and Dylan Massin. I am. For other cast members, Dr. Includes Alison Pill from Agnes Jurati, Jeri Ryan from Seven of Nine, Michelle Hurd from Raffi Musiker, Evan Evagora from Elnor, Orla Brady from Laris, Isa Briones from Soji, Santiago Cabrera from Cristóbal Rios, and Brent Spiner from Data. , And Annie Welsing as Queen Borg.

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John de Lancie is also returned as Q

John de lancie
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You can see the new footage of John de Lancie returning as Q Previous trailer I first took a peek at the comeback of this character.Around TrekMovie.comThe actor explained how Q has matured since we last met him and teased what would happen from Picard’s reunion with Q in Season 2 of the new show.

“In fact, it’s not the Q 34 years ago. It’s unsightly to play that way,” he said. “He’s older, more mature, a little more focused, with a very strong inner motivation and a desire to get Picard to do something, but with what I did at the time. If you try to do the same, I don’t think so. Good. It’s not, and it’s meant to be a little different. “

John de Lancie teased something newer from Q, “I’m very worried about the re-creation with many potential disasters. So I said,” What are we doing? Are you trying to recreate it? Do you want to transfer it here? “And they said,” Yes, yes, yes. “

Star Trek: Picard Streaming will only start on Paramount + on March 3, 2022. You can now find the first season streaming on the service.

Batman’s main theme has been released

Now you can hear the unforgettable theme that Batman will play as he embarks on his quest for revenge and justice.

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The Picard Season 2 trailer first reveals Whoopi Goldberg’s return as Guinan

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