The PlayStation 5 Activity Quick Select is Sony’s answer to common single-player problems.

You can change “Need to start playback” to “Which part needs to be played”. “

-PlayStation’s internal presentation aims to eliminate friction in single-player games.

Top secret pitch documentation obtained by the Vice Games people seems to indicate that PlayStation has built PS5 features such as “Activity” to address common concerns about single-player experiences.

According to Sony data at the time, players were spending more time offline than online, but there were still some friction points that could easily compromise the single-player experience.

A slide deck given to Vice Games by an unnamed developer shows that Sony has spoken to at least 3,000 players and identified the factors that influenced how single-player games are played.

These concerns, including common concerns such as not knowing the time required for an open world gaming session and the difficulty of tracking concise guides during play, Sony chose the PlayStation 5 built-in guides and in-game challenges. , Ability to teleport to the start area.

Check out Vice’s full text to see the actual behavior of these features and other insights gathered from Sony’s single-player-focused slides.

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