The PlayStation 5 Scalper is reportedly due to a shortage of stock in the UK

The PlayStation 5 launch has suffered a lot of problems from both online and in-store retailers over the past week, especially as it struggles to meet the demand for new consoles.

However, according to a report from Business Insider (discovered by Video Games Chronicle), most of the issues are due to scalping groups using botting software designed to buy consoles as soon as possible and are based in the United Kingdom. Is called by name. CrepChiefNotify claims to have got about 3500 consoles. Of these, 1000 were when Sony began pre-ordering in September, with 2,472 consoles available for sale on sites such as eBay on the launch date.

As soon as the managers of the group, known only as “Tom,” announced that England would enter a national blockade a few weeks ago, their group “monitored all sites in case they were out of stock.” I’m doing it, “he told Business Insider. launch. He also said that bots were originally used to grab other high-demand products such as sneakers, “bot developers see growing demand for next-generation consoles and focus on sneakers. Changed focus from bots to sneakers-use bots for electronic devices too. “

Scalper isn’t new, of course, but we hope Sony will soon announce plans to ensure that more consoles are delivered to stores to meet the demand for PlayStation 5, following last week’s launch. .. We are big fans of consoles. You can read our verdict on the machine here.

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