The PlayStation Store’s Black Friday 2020 sale includes nearly 300 games

Best Friday (Photo: Sony)

From God Of War to Last Of Us Part 2, PS4 and PS5 owners can purchase some games at discounts of up to 70%.

Now PlayStation 5 is in the hands of people and it’s Black Friday week. Ironically, it’s a great time to catch up with PlayStation 4 games that you might have missed.

Sony recently shared details of the Black Friday sale. This gives you up to 70% off nearly 300 games.

On that list are some of PlayStation 4’s best limited editions, including recent games such as The Last Of Us Part 2, God Of War, Crash Bandicoot 4, and Star Wars: Squadron.

The discount also applies to bundles that include both PlayStation 4 and 5 versions such as Watch Dogs: Legion and No Man’s Sky. Also, most PlayStation 4 games can be played on PlayStation 5.

Sony also trades PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, both of which offer 25% off 12-month subscriptions.

PlayStation Plus also comes with a PlayStation Plus collection for PlayStation 5 owners. This gives you access to a number of first-party and third-party PlayStation 4 titles that are considered to have defined the console.

Full details can be found on the PlayStation blog, and a complete list of games for sale can be found below.

Sale of PS4 and PS5 games and bundles (in alphabetical order)

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PlayStation Store Black Friday 2020 sale includes nearly 300 PS4 & PS5 games

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