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The popular culinary site Epicurious featured a beef recipe in a “planet-supporting” move — its users were unaware.

The popular cooking website Epicurious has removed all beef recipes and promotions. This is a deliberate move to promote a “sustainable” diet.

And? No one noticed.

Alternatively, the site said it appears to be based on trafficking interest in articles and recipes for lean meat that has replaced beef. Even the grill season tips displayed cauliflower and mushrooms on top of steaks and hot dogs.

Now, Epicurious officially announcedAbout a year after the quiet content removal, beef disappears from new recipes, articles, newsletters, or Instagram feeds. This site sells advertisements to meat substitute companies.

“This is not revenge on cattle and cattle eaters. It is a change in sustainability. It favors the planet, not anti-beef,” the editor wrote. Some content focuses on the midpoint between becoming a vegan or vegetarian and shifting your diet to lean meat. Has long-term health benefits..

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The official announcement on this site is timed with political beef over lean meat.

British tabloids, and Fox News and some conservative politicians, Biden made a false claim that climate change policy included beef restrictions It would essentially limit Americans to one burger per month. Social media jumped into falsehood, and Fox eventually said on the air that the report and graphics were incorrect.

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The Biden administration did not include the habit of eating meat in its proposal. Huge infrastructure plan Faced with parliamentary scrutiny from both parties. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack said of the administration: No, Biden does not ban meat..

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Microsoft founder and global philanthropist Bill Gates was talked about earlier this year when he suggested that “all developed countries should move to 100% synthetic beef.” When he promoted his new book How to avoid climate disasters..

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US consumption has been declining since 30 years ago, but has grown slowly over the past few years, alongside other meat options. According to USDA data..Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations shows that the world’s meat consumption is high 1 or more this year. The fastest growth occurs in low- and middle-income countries where incomes are steadily increasing.

Global emissions from food production 60% increase by 2050, Mainly due to increased livestock production. However, the global trade in soybeans, which are often a protein substitute, also affects climate change. Its impact is mainly related to deforestation, Studies found..

“Of course, when it comes to the planet, avoiding beef is not a silver bullet. All ruminants (such as sheep and goats) have significant environmental costs, and there are problems with chicken, seafood, soybeans, and almost every other ingredient. Yes, with a very broken food system, there are few perfect options, “said the editor of Epicurios.

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As climate change policies evolve, the role of meat in the diet is expected to grow.

“I often compared beef to coal in the meat world,” said Jennifer Jacquet, an associate professor of environmental studies at New York University. Say in the newsletter Heated..

“Beef is seeing the same strategy that the coal industry is developing because it’s clear what’s on the wall. If we’re going to work on these industries, It will be very difficult to keep both of them in their current state. The climate crisis is effective, “she said.

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While some sustainability efforts focus on small-scale agriculture, there are also measures to reduce methane gas from livestock raised for beef and dairy products. Subject to several climate change studies..In addition, food writers and scientists Warned consumers about chemical composition A substitute for laboratory-grown meat
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“Policymakers and environmental groups need to support efforts to develop alternative protein sources And “Low-impact livestock production methods,” said Dumblaustein-Late, director of food and agriculture at the Breakthrough Institute. Write in MIT Technology Review.. “Innovations in both of these areas will quickly reduce the environmental impact of agriculture while providing the best possible way for people around the world to eat what they like.”

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The popular culinary site Epicurious featured a beef recipe in a “planet-supporting” move — its users were unaware. The popular culinary site Epicurious featured a beef recipe in a “planet-supporting” move — its users were unaware.

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