The popular Stranger Things fan theory was revealed

In “Stranger Things” Season 4, Volume 2, Eleven learned that he had sent Henry / One upside down. Upon getting there, Henry spent time reforming as Vecna ​​and shaping the world around him to better fit his sinister plans, including the construction of the Mindlayer and the Gothic throne. This exposure has led many “Stranger Things” fans to assume two super-powerful beings. El and Vecna, Co-created a realm. Or, at least, made it through their connection to time and space. But this eerie place has always existed.This is Gwenda Bond’s “Suspicious heart” Tie-up novel.

The story of “Stranger Things” is about this strange plane alien-Like a creature — existed before Elle or Henry came into contact with another dimension in the first confrontation in 1979. In fact, Alice Johnson, one of Elle’s mother’s closest friends on the MKUltra program, foresaw the territory thanks to her LSD-fueled power.Most of the novels are spent with Terry, Alice, and Eight, doing everything they can. No Ask Dr. Brenner to discover upside down because he is afraid of what is unleashed by his scientific curiosity. (Boy, they were right!)

The popular Stranger Things fan theory was revealed

https://www.slashfilm.com/918887/popular-stranger-things-fan-theories-debunked/ The popular Stranger Things fan theory was revealed

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