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Porsche is a lot A concept never seen before Returning in November 2020, this little roadster wasn’t one of them. Invented in 2008, the 550one was commissioned by former Volkswagen Group’s premier Ferdinand Piëch as a modern homage to James Dean’s Porsche 550 Spyder. Walter de Silva, the man behind the design of the 550one, Instagram We will publish images of sports cars with retro flavor.

twenty onest-The “Little Bustered” of the century has been kept secret for the last few years and has been in the form of a mid-engined roadster with design cues such as a Porsche-like intake and central exhaust in the 1950s. There seems to be a spoiler behind that that electrically pops out at a certain speed, but the 550one could be a full-size static car model because the exhaust isn’t connected to anything.

2008 Porsche 550 one

It had a fully designed internal cabin, and nice Audi R8-A quirky manual gearbox with 6-speed gate and door pull strap. Eagle Eye readers will notice that the side air vents mounted on the 3-slot design doors carry on the air intake design. It looks the same in the central tunnel. The minimalist interior, like all Porsche, features a flat-bottomed steering wheel and tachometer mounted in the front and center, as well as an exposed metal surface and aluminum pedals.

According to an Italian magazine QuattroruoteThe 550one was not successfully produced because the fish fried at that time was large in the peep from Zufenhausen. Porsche spent money elsewhere, rather than investing in products that overlap significantly with Boxster. That is, it funded the development of the Macan to invest in the SUV epidemic.

Ferdinand Piëch died in 2019, And in honor of him, Lamborghini added the suffix “FKP37” to Sian’s name after the initials and year of birth of the former president. The 550one was never produced, but a very important car was born in his time at the VW Group. The Audi Quattro and Bugatti Veyron, which enthusiasts remember most, also had a number of highly successful mainstream cars, along with some over-designed Phaeton-like flops.

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The Porsche 550 one was a modern “Lil” Bastard design. The Porsche 550 one was a modern “Lil” Bastard design.

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