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The power of audio: Build customer connections and build loyalty (VB Live)

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Audio is a powerful way to reach your customers, and doing it right can improve connectivity, personalization, and productivity. Learn how branded audio content can help you create compelling online experiences since New Normal at this VB live event.

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Due to the influence of the pandemic, there is a moment in the audio. At home, consumer spending habits are changing dramatically, if not all day long. Audio content and listenership are growing rapidly, And engagement is skyrocketing. People evacuating to their homes spend their days with podcasts and music to stay connected and informed.

This is hands-free media that you can travel with and listen to anytime, anywhere throughout the day. In a crowded content environment, the audio potential is powerful. It greatly expands your marketing reach and attracts listeners who simply prefer audio content, or who cannot use other forms of content.

Portable and versatile audio provides brands with a unique way to overcome visual turmoil and enhance personalization, convenience and loyalty with meaningful content. And consumers are very happy to listen.

According to Nielsen 4 out of 10 households There are multiple smart speakers, usually 90% use for music and 68% listen to news in a week.Last month, 37% listened to podcasts last month, 24% listened weekly, and 16 million people in the United States I’m an avid fan.

That’s because the audio grabs you. Neurological research We’ve shown how powerful audio is, caught up in a storm of neural networks in the brain, including those that control motor behavior, emotions, and creativity. Adding human voice to your brand adds a layer of emotion that attracts your audience in a more sensory way.

To make your branded audio content, more than any other content, an integral part of your complete brand identity, you need to understand your target audience, how they feel when you think about your brand, and the mood you want. There is. To evoke, the type of message you want to send. Wherever consumers meet your brand, you need to know how to create a rich and seamless audio experience.

Here are just a few of the formats and channels that can be included in branded audio content: Here’s what you need to consider to integrate into your marketing mix:

Both sponsored and branded podcasts. Creating a branded podcast gives you the opportunity to tell the story of your company, gain insight into what you’re doing, and show your audience who you are and what your company represents. I will. Like blogs, podcasts need to provide educational, sorted leadership-style content to listeners searching for information about your business area of ​​expertise. This can include interviews with company experts and leaders in the field. Alternatively, you can divert existing content from your blog into spoken performance.

Audiogram. Basically, audiograms are sound bites. This is a way to convey information concisely or promote something quickly. It could be a concise audio moment overlaid on a still image, for example, a seasonal message from the CEO of a company. Unlike advertising, it’s not a paid promotional spot and doesn’t necessarily require action phrases. You can share it on social platforms like Instagram, where users tend to wear headphones to browse.

club house. The brand is beginning to step into the water of the clubhouse. As of February, with over 6 million registered users and lots of celebrity topics, this app is gaining popularity. The clubhouse room has live audio conversations that users can listen to and participate in. You will find that you are listening to discussions among reporters, celebrities, scientists, artists and more. The direct nature of these live conversations has made them powerfully attractive and brands are just beginning to explore their potential.

Facebook live. Streaming audio broadcasts on Facebook Live (for example, showing viewers a recording session of a podcast) is a great way to get your viewer’s news feed. It’s also a great way to get engaged, where you can comment in real time, provide feedback, and ask guests questions.

Make existing content accessible. Adapting visual and written content to audio makes it available to the visually impaired audience. This is the 2021 table stakes. It also improves content portability so readers can read books on the go with audiobooks. It also brings energy and emotion to your content and can captivate the audience in ways that written words cannot.

Audio advertising. Forty-nine percent of enthusiastic podcast fans report that advertising on podcasts is the best way for brands to reach them. 54% say they are more likely to buy the product they heard on the podcast. This type of advertising space can be found on radio shows and streaming services. This is an opportunity to quickly get the viewer’s attention and find a compelling way to create your own audio brand.

It is important that these on-demand audio experiences have the same clear audio quality as live interactions. Consumers are now expecting this, and if the audio is substandard, they can become frustrated and abandoned. However, many application developers are not audio experts. And historically, good audio required an audio engineer, the right software, and a lot of time.

But whether it’s a communication platform or online content, there are new ways to deliver great audio. The new cloud-based API solution improves audio quality with just a few lines of code, enabling background noise reduction, loudness adjustment, improved dynamics and equalization, and a consistent quality control process.

The importance of branded audio content throughout the online experience, how to develop powerful audio branding, how audio helps connect with users, tools to help improve audio and extract actionable data For more information, don’t miss this VB live event.

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Participants will learn the following:

  • Benefits of branded audio media
  • How to include branded audio and user-generated media in your market development strategy
  • How providing services or partnerships with audio-forward companies to generate or support high-quality audio can provide a competitive advantage and differentiation.


  • VEED.IO, CEO, Sabba Keynejad
  • Dolby Lab, API Platform, Senior Director, Sripal Mehta
  • Stewart Rogers, Moderator, VentureBeat
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The power of audio: Build customer connections and build loyalty (VB Live) The power of audio: Build customer connections and build loyalty (VB Live)

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