The Power of Reframing: Three Ways to Feel Life Better

“Some people were given the entire field of roses and could only see the thorns in it. Others were given a single weed and saw only wild flowers in it. Perception is an important element of gratitude. And thank you for the important element of joy. “~ Amy Weatherly

I grew up in a very negative environment. When I was seven, my parents were separated badly. Parents were a tough example of how to avoid divorce.

They caused the worst of each other, and sadly, over time, they also brought me the worst. I was depressed when I was a teenager and was conditioned to believe that my problem was characteristic of an unhappy family.

And I have done so for years. But of course I wasn’t happy. Still, I didn’t know enough about the world to understand that my environment and upbringing was a huge responsibility.

I now know that genetics can account for up to about 40% of the well-being we experience, while the rest are under our control.

I know this because research has shown that it is the case.But I know Because I also lived.

Decide to change my life

In the last decade, I have changed my life dramatically, and I have been the most peaceful ever.

When my eldest daughter was a baby, I finally had an important reason to want to be better. I decided she would grow up in a fun and positive home. And in order to make it happen, we had to do the work to make it happen.

In addition, it was especially important at the time, as my daughter’s childbirth difficulties were traumatic and left me with extreme anxiety after childbirth. I was in a very bad place and had to get out of it. In fact, I had to get out of my head. And I didn’t want to rely on medicine for that.

My husband has already saved me in many ways, but the rest was my responsibility —my State of mind, my Outlook.

Desperately determined, I began a life-changing activity over time.

Sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s not.My life is really Have changed. I haven’t done that either. Please let me explain…

The power of reframing

I inadvertently learned how to reframe, and it’s probably the deepest skill there to increase happiness.

It’s so powerful because it can change your life experience —Without it Change your actual situation.

Here are some examples of how reframing helped me feel more positive about my life …

A few weeks ago, my dad moved in, so I was planning to bring the plants with the girl during the half year.

We live in the UK and the weather is variable, but usually quite mild. However, it happened that the wind was strong that day. I told his father that we would give way, and I let him know if we couldn’t get there.

Hooray! And after unloading my father’s plants, we drove a short road to the restaurant.

Before ordering the drink, the wind dropped the pylon and a power outage occurred. The kitchen closed and the young girls ate potato chips for lunch, but I still had to go home safely.

But instead of getting angry at having become a farce all day long (I encountered a windthrow on my way home!), I’m glad I did my best. Most importantly, we were safe, but it also reinforces our father that we have taken great care to get there despite the challenges.

Another example is that we have been sick in our homes one after another since Christmas. Initially it was COVID, but since then it has had a virus and two chickenpox.

When my eldest daughter was infected with COVID, I was worried about her, but at a practical level, how do I get my youngest daughter to school (until my husband is also positive at that point)? I was able to leave the house). The fear of being there quietly for two years finally caught up with us, which could be a source of great stress.

But during the COVID episode, and later in chickenpox, the school mother stepped up without even asking me. I never felt like I was united with the crowd of moms at school, but in the end I was wrong.

They had my back completely.

Not only I am very grateful. theyNot only, I knew I had a support network, but didn’t realize it was there.

These are just a few of the recent examples that come to mind in situations that you would probably have experienced negatively and complained about before, but now reframe to find silver creatures. I can.

As you can see, my life differs in how I experience the world, but it’s still exactly the same as usual.But I felt It’s very different.

I am relieved.

And now I want to share my process so that others can learn how to do this on their own. This is basically a free remedy that is available to everyone and can be done alone and without guidance.

But how did you do that without the help of a specialist and without medicine?

How to take advantage of reframing

For me, my journey really had three steps, which happened to work in perfect harmony.

1. Express your gratitude

First, I started writing a list of gratitude.

I can’t understand their value, but I long for a deep desire to begin to understand the good things in my life and that it was a good starting point.good Sufficient To help me do better for my daughter.

I started writing a list of positive things that happened every week. I didn’t expect it to happen much because I didn’t realize that this was actually an effective remedy.

But I knew that the fundamental changes I wanted to see in my life were more aggressive. So I thought the “counterfeit it until you made it” approach might just be beneficial.

Incredibly, it didn’t just help. It was a turning point in my life and now I feel like this: Previous When rear..

Writing a list of gratitude is not difficult. It may be as easy as writing down the three, five, or ten things you are grateful for. This can be done when you wake up, when you start the day with positive notes, or at the end of the day if you want.

If you have a busy schedule and can’t find the time to do this every day, be sure to do it Regularly..

And if writing it down seems like a daunting effort at the end of the day, you can try to say your list of things quietly and personally in your own mind. I can do it.

No formal practice is required.It needs something for you conduct training. Something strange happens over time …

2. Positive

Over time, as you continue to admit the good things in life, your default thinking begins to switch to something more positive.

To me, it was like a spiritual awakening, and I like to use analogies to describe my experience.

The idea of ​​rosy glasses is familiar to most people. But sometimes they are really a blessing. After spending several months with gratitude on a regular basis, I felt like I had taken off the only glasses I knew so far, and suddenly the world brightened.

I also began to understand that positiveness is often a self-fulfilling prophecy. The harder it is to find it, the more you will find out.

And your mood tends to be reflected in you by others. Positive people energize those around them, just as the negatives are depleted!

I recently lyrically told someone about the positive effects of gratitude and reframing, but they argued that sometimes offloading to friends and family was needed.I did not do it completely I don’t agree, but there was something important to add.

By default, the increase in aggressiveness is deWrinkles in a negative experience, which in turn leads to less frequent feelings requirement Offload.When that is The magic of this whole concept.

My toolkit has one last step …

3. Journaling

Unfortunately, if you grow up in a negative environment, it can be too easy to return to deep-seated behavior. Old habits die hard.

As a result, I feel mentally tough these days, but I know that if I stop practicing these new skills, it’s almost inevitable to return to my childhood thinking. (I learned this in a difficult way.)

Journaling is my favorite way to get going and take responsibility because it’s easy to incorporate more ideas in addition to each of the above ideas.

Depending on my mood, I love its attentiveness, state of flow, or diary as a creative means. Or all of the above!

Basically, each of these skills interacts and strengthens. And together, they are really life-changing.

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