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Interior Minister Wilfred Abraham. (GP)

Interior Minister Wilfred Abrahams announced on Monday that the situation in His Majesty’s prison Dodds was fluid but fully controlled.

The minister said he received frequent phone calls and assured the public that there were no threatening situations in prison.

“I’m not worried about the prison …. There are no reports of incidents that everyone is worried about in the prison. I want to be very clear.”

“The integrity of the safety of His Majesty’s Prison Dodds is in full control.”

Abraham said it was a pity that he was not in a position to lead because the top five prison personnel were quarantined or quarantined.

Therefore, the Barbados Defense Force (BDF)’s main Cedric saying tentatively undertook operational management as an assistant superintendent in prison.

Abraham thanked members of the Barbados Defense Force and the Royal Barbados Police for increasing the complement of prison staff.

The minister said all prison officers, staff, and prisoners had been tested for coronavirus in the past few days. The results are being processed while the separation of positive and negative cases is in progress.

He said 49 staff and 121 prisoners had been positive so far. One female prisoner tested positive. He assured the prisoners’ families and friends that officials were also interested in the well-being of their loved ones and were doing their best to take care of them in difficult situations.

Only important services are offered at HMP Dodds.. Inmates’ meals are prepared by the school’s meal service, and staff meals are provided by BDF.

Abraham said the laundry was done more often.

He said that staff and prisoners in need of care were receiving it while medical staff were being reduced.The minister explained: HMP Dodds It was not built to accommodate the number of staff currently there, but alternative arrangements were made, such as the construction of tents.

Abrahams spoke at a live press conference, including Prime Minister Mia Amor Motley, COVID-19 Cabinet Subcommittee Senator Dr. Jerome Walcott, Health Minister Jeffrey Bostik, and Deputy Chief Medical Officer Kenneth George.

A press conference was held to provide the latest information on the management of COVID-19 in Barbados.

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 reached 606. Over 200 news cases were recorded on Friday and Saturday after the government announced a surge associated with Boxing Day’s “Superspreading Event.”

The government is also investigating many other clusters. (KG)

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The prison is under control, Abraham – NationNews Barbados — The prison is under control, Abraham – NationNews Barbados —

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