The problem with the black light in Radiant Black is brilliant whether it glows or not.

Image Comics’ Radiant Black has released the 10th Blacklight Edition, which gives readers access to a great art experience.

Warning: Includes preview Radiant Black # 10!

Special feature new issue Radiant black Coming soon, comic fans will want to check it out as it’s a spectacular sight... Radiant Black # 10 There is a blacklight version and it’s as crazy as you might expect. This manga takes the fusion of storytelling and art to a new dimension.

Radiant black From Image Comics, the first is the story of Nathan Burnett. Nathan Burnett has discovered the power of the universe to allow the use of special power suits. But things don’t really go as he planned, and the beings behind the power of the universe want to get it back.this Image comic story I shifted my focus to Marshall, Nathan’s friend. Marshall is in a very similar position. This comic is a new take in the superhero genre, but the latest issue now also offers a new take in comic art.

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Radiant Black # 10 It comes from Kyle Higgins, Marcelo Costa, Becca Carrie, and especially Igor Monty’s creative team on this issue. There is a “Radiant Black Light Edition” in this issue, which says that Image Comics will not be reprinted. This issue was recolored by Igor Monti with blacklight reactive fluorescent inks. in short, Problems with this image comic When placed under a black light, it literally shines and provides the reader with a new experience. Comic book I shared an extended preview of the problem. Check it out here:

Kyle Higgins, the writer of the series, said:

There have been many black light covers over the years, but there are few overall problems with fluorescent inks.The tale of Radiant Black # 10 I found Marshall trapped in existence. This is one of the weirdest domains I’ve ever seen. Marcelo, Igor, Becca and I wanted to make this issue very empirical in order to take our readers on the same overwhelming journey as Marshall. The blacklight version is the ultimate way to experience being.

this Problem of Radiant black We promise to take our readers on a whole new kind of journey. Because the area of ​​existence is not within the normal plane of reality, this issue allows the reader to see a new plane beyond the plane on the page seen by normal skipping, thanks to color conversion. As you can see in this tweet from the Black Market Narrative, reading without a black light is unidirectional, but reading with a black light is quite different.

Nevertheless, the art of this issue, with or without black light, is incredible.Marshall is seen passing through the page, and the colors are a good depiction of the world of This image comic is wonderful.. It’s certainly a modern and beautiful presentation that won’t disappoint no matter how it’s experienced. However, blacklights can provide an experience that many comic fans have never experienced before. Radiant black And Image Comics are undoubtedly pushing the boundaries of artistic storytelling. Fans Radiant Black # 10 Blacklight Edition will be released on November 24th.

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The problem with the black light in Radiant Black is brilliant whether it glows or not.

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