The proceedings allege that Fifa is using dynamic difficulty to push the loot box

A new class action accuses Electronic Arts of using dynamic difficulty to pressure players to buy more loot boxes in card-collecting ultimate team mode for Fifa and other sports games. .. Plaintiffs constantly urge people to buy “player packs” to improve their teams, as the game dynamically uses a difficulty adjustment system, which makes the team look worse than it really is. Claims to be. The EA simply answered no, which is not true. However, the fact that some people strongly believe that it is enough to file a proceeding indicates one of the problems with loot boxes. reports that the three proceedings in California revolve around dynamic difficulty adjustments. This patented technology is usefully described in EA’s 2017 paper, which allows you to quietly adjust the difficulty of the game to keep players engaged and prevent boredom and frustration. It makes sense in some games. The problem occurred when EA applied this system to Fifa, NHL, and Madden and some players suspected it was using it to boost loot box sales in Ultimate Team mode.

Hundreds of thousands of YouTube views, clips of characters who missed an open goal, ball-like glitches passing through the keeper’s hand, suspicious offside calls, and DDA working against players in-game You are accessing a video that matches other possible evidence that you are. The conspiracy theory has grown so much that last year EA felt the need to publicly declare in FIFA that it would not use its dynamic difficulty adjustments. “We never use it in any game to give a group of players an advantage or disadvantage over other players,” they said. Obviously, the statement did not convince everyone.

“The private use of the EA Difficulty Adjustment Mechanism is due to the EA’s Difficulty Adjustment Mechanism dictating, as well as the gamer’s ultimate team player’s stated ranking and the gamer’s relative skills, or the outcome of the match. Has the least impact, “ said in a proceeding.

“This is a self-permanent cycle that benefits EA and disadvantages EA Sports gamers. The difficulty adjustment mechanism causes gamers to believe that their team’s skills are lower than they really are, making better players. You’ll be buying additional player packs in the hope of winning. It’s more competitive. “

EA’s attorneys will probably submit a legal response to Haifa Rutin, but EA’s PR statement is short: “I believe the allegations are groundless and misrepresent our game. We defend, “they told

I watched some videos proclaiming that there was “evidence” of Fifa’s dynamic difficulty, but to be honest, it looked like a glitch or Daft AI. Oh, some videos said EA is a way around it: Plausible deniability. I’m not sure. But it’s no surprise that people are cautious. It’s hard to believe that games with loot boxes have the integrity to respect your time and wallet.

I hate using the phrase “pay-to-win”, but the Fifa Ultimate Team can certainly pay to increase their chances of winning and sell random packs of low odds players. Find the best one. It’s a huge money-making – Ultimate Team Mode brought $ 149 million (about £ 1.1 billion) during EA’s last fiscal year. So if you know the odds are piled up against you and someone is benefiting from it, it may be easy to suspect that the game is putting unmanageable pressure on you. .. An open goal missed with a glitch can look like a Shenanigan, not a mistake. The presence of loot boxes and other microtransactions with specific benefits often makes the entire game feel dirty and sneaky. It’s not a strong foundation for a good and reliable time.

The Ultimate Team loot box is also being attacked by people who consider it illegal gambling. Last year, the EA was forced to virtually stop selling packs in Belgium.

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Lawsuit claims Fifa uses dynamic difficulty to sell more loot boxes

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