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NS Toronto Raptors They have lost some games due to poor play in the glass, so they may pursue every possible means to improve the depth of the front court at the trading deadline. NS Indiana Pacers They may have just dropped a huge holiday gift on Masai Ujiri’s lap because of their desire to move Myles Turner and Domantas Sabonis.

Turner is one of the best defense centers and shot blockers in the game, but Sabonis has grown into an attacking game changer who can be an all-star and primary scorer. However, Rick Carlisle It looks like the front office is looking for a fire sale because Indiana couldn’t stay in the playoff hunt.

Reported by Shams Charania The Pacers are heading for a complete rebuild. For a kickstart back to the top, Indiana is willing to let go of both Turner and Sabonis in addition to Caris LeVert.

The Raptors may be out of playoffs at this time, but adding players like Turner and Sabonis may change the scope and structure of the roster. Masai Ujiri may want to call Indiana to close the deal, but it turns out that getting one of the two is very difficult.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this transaction?

Toronto Raptors: Myles Turner, the pros and cons of getting Domantas Sabonis.

Strong Points

Turner is ideal for the Raptors. Even the most basic inspection of Raptors film shows that we need a center that can protect the rim and ace rebounders. These two characteristics are what Turner is good at.

If Turner continues at his current pace, he will lead the league with three block shots per game in four years. Under the 2022 contract, Turner was able to help initiate a full defensive turnaround of paint.

Sabonis may not have Turner’s defensive chop, but he averages double-double in each of the last three seasons, making at least 53% of his shots in every season. Sabonis has averaged 19.1 points, 12.2 rebounds and 5.5 assists per game over the last five seasons.

Gary Trent Jr. kicks on the bench and leans against the lineup Scottie Barnes, Pascal Siakam, and either Turner or Sabonis would be scary at the same time.


The Raptors may need to involve a third team because they lack the assets to win one of them. Goran Dragic It may be difficult to give the Pacers the right value, other than doing something completely unexpected and short-sighted, like dealing with torrents, without appealing to Indiana.

Toronto may also need to attach multiple premium draft topics to the package in order to complete this transaction. Toronto may be expecting to be a playoff team next year, but it’s dangerous to completely empty the reserves for draft topics for players like Turner and Sabonis.

Focus on Sabonis in particular. Yes, he will rebound with a quality scorer the moment he arrives, but he is a poor defender compared to Turner. Toronto has the potential to spend a tough and aggressive night in important matches as he and his large salary are integrated into the rotation.


The Raptors should consider making an offer to Turner, but should avoid Sabonis. Sabonis may be a better player for now, but Turner is not only suitable for this roster, but also a player that can be earned without giving Indiana the arms and legs to secure his service.

Ujiri only needs to be confident that Toronto intends to compete for a high seed in the east next year, as Toronto needs to uproot his flock of draft picks to win him. You should pull the trigger.

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The pros and cons of the Raptors trading with Myles Turner and Domantas Sabonis The pros and cons of the Raptors trading with Myles Turner and Domantas Sabonis

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