The protagonist of Better Cole Sole, ranked by intelligence

In the final season of Better call sole With the tension from Season 5 boiling, the character has to think very quickly to get out of the deadly situation. Fortunately, the show is full of highly intelligent characters and you can see them thinking they are one of the greatest joys of the series.

Updated by Mark Birrell on May 12, 2022. In the powerful world of Albuquerque businessmen, lawyers and criminals, characters need to go through wisely, and these clashing intellects are the most interesting part of the show. Many of the Better Cole Sole revolve around those who keep secrets or who don’t really mean anything. In other words, the audience is often pushed into the heart of the main character and is always a fascinating place. However, some characters are more complex than others.

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15 Tuco Salamanca

Tuco catches Sole

To both breaking bad When Better call sole, Tuco Salamanca was the first big league criminal to be introduced to both the protagonist and the audience, and is also an introduction to the dangerous Salamanca family. Tuco is very well established as the least intelligent and most volatile of his entire family, making him a major but inconsistent threat.

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Jimmy can speak of him from killing two of his accomplices in the second episode of the series, and then Mike can lock Tuco in a situation that puts him in jail for quite some time. increase. That said, during his relatively calm and rare moments, Tuco seems to be very capable in his business of being a feared drug trafficker.

14 Kevin Wacktel

Kevin Wacktel sitting outside the Better Cole Sole country club

Kevin Wachtell may be the CEO of Mesa Verde Bank and Trust, which implies that he inherited rather than earned. Kevin is not an idiot and can at least play the role of an outspoken leader, but he relies almost entirely on his staff to do the actual work for him.

Kevin can clearly see all of Jimmy’s worst qualities, but he can’t see Kim manipulating him during an incident at the Tucumcari call center construction site.

13 Stacey Aleman Trout

Stacey Aleman Trout talking to Mike at Better Cole Sole

Stacy has not been shown to be overly perceptual, but certainly shows a lot of intelligence as a hard-working mother and nurse. She took some time to join together as her husband colluded with her own father-in-law, a group of corrupt police officers, including Mike.

Even after Mike admits this, he is unaware that he continues to be involved in the illegal activity. However, it remains possible that she chose to ignore them because Stacey knew of Mike’s misconduct and needed help with her daughter Kaley.

12 Howard Harmlin

Howard Hamlin, a senior partner at Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill, is a very smart and talented lawyer, but not the street clever. Howard is seen primarily one step behind Jimmy and Kim, even though he eventually scrutinized Jimmy’s hateful plans for him.

Part of the reason why Jimmy and Kim seem to hate Howard so much is that Howard is clearly self-absorbing. Nevertheless, he is trying to do it right by the general public, especially his employees, but it is difficult to understand what he really represents.

11 11 Clifor domain

Cliff Main is one of the senior partners of Davis & Main, a successful and respected law firm in Santa Fe, affiliated with HHM in the Sandpiper Crossing case. Apart from this, Cliff seems to be Howard Hamlin’s old and trusted friend, often having lunch with him and sharing intelligent (even if not interested) conversations about the world of law.

Cliff often becomes a pawn on both Jimmy and Kim’s plans, but he seems more indifferent to the dangerous side than he doesn’t seem to notice. Cliff is probably old-fashioned, but he is neither ruthless nor stupid. He understands what Jimmy is doing when he deliberately tries to fire him from Davis & Maine so he can leave with a bonus. as soon as. Overall, it’s a wise move.

Ten Page Novic

Better Cole Sole's Page Novic

Page is Mesa Verde’s highly intelligent and professional senior counsel, effectively acting as Kevin Wacktel’s right arm, and it is sensible to fight to hire Kim to represent them on legal issues. was.

But when things started to get worse with the construction of a new call center in Tucumcari, Page didn’t seem to realize that Kim was behind the scenes against her. Like Rich Schweikath, Page can see what’s really going on, and she may have chosen not to speak because of her friendship with Kim, She is primarily considered a kind of corporate lazy.

9 Hector Salamanca

Hector is dangerous, clever, and witty, but he’s not smart enough to know when to refrain and how to run his business using anything other than horror tactics. That’s why he was just Don Elladio’s right arm.While he is established as Top members of the cartelHe was never considered good enough to take over.

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Hector is also not wise enough to see Nacho’s plans to kill him, even though Nacho has been in front of him for a long time. Hector has long suspected, not to mention Gasfling, which he can never expose.

8 Rich Schweikath

Rich Schweikath talking to Kim at Better Cole Sole

Rich, co-founder of Schweikart & Cokely’s law firm, started out as a villain in the series on behalf of Sandpiper Crossing, despite deceiving his seniors. But over time, Lich becomes a very friendly person, coaching Kim and taking her to his highly successful company.

Rich is the only person involved to spot Kim’s lies in the Tucumcari situation and say something about it, as well as Kim’s face. But he handles the situation with tact and respect while still solid. Lich is a fascinating and experienced realist who seems to escape the major fallout from the actions of Jimmy and Kim.

7 Igancio “Nacho” Varga

Better Call Saul Season 4 Michael Mando as Nacho

Nacho acts as a double agent, taking risks and taking a moral attitude to escape the cartel business and save his father from harm. As Tuco Salamanca’s right arm, he is smart and computational. He is, in many respects, the brain behind surgery.

However, he made some mistakes, including a failed attempt to kill Hector. Still, he often has a way to calm impulsive Tuco and others. He is the voice of reason among the more scary criminals and is smart enough to work with all the characters in the show. But after all, he’s sadly just a pawn.

6 Mike Ehrmantraut

Better Cole Sole-Mike's Office

Always calm, Mike constantly scans and analyzes every scene and person. It was the result of years of working as a police officer, and even if he fell, he needed a lot of skill and wisdom to accomplish what he did.

He is always one step ahead of his competition with law enforcement agencies and continues to use his knowledge, skill sets, and intuition to engage in criminal activity.

Five Jimmy Magill / Saul Goodman

Many people, including his brother, underestimate Jimmy, but he’s really smart. He can study hard to pass the bar exam while working in the post office of his brother’s law firm, using his knowledge of law to free all kinds of clients from traffic and using loopholes. I got what I wanted.

Sure, he may not always use his knowledge in a morally acceptable way, but he is arguably one of the most intelligent and witty characters on the show.Jimmy avoids capture for a long time after the event breaking badAnd fans are still waiting to see what it all looks like for him, some come up with themselves Reddit theory..

Four Eduardo’Laro’Salamanca

Laro on the phone of Better Cole Sole

Larosala Manka, like Nacho, is a character that was mentioned once very easily in the introductory episode of Saul Goodman. breaking badAppears only in Better call sole Suddenly in Season 4. Not only is Laro the smartest member of the Salamanca family, but he has also solidified himself as one of the best and most intelligent villains in both series.

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Laro is as violent and ruthless as his relatives, but he is also thinking a few steps ahead. He has proven to be a valuable enemy to Gus Fring, but it’s hard to know what the event timeline looks like. breaking bad Allows him to take the lead in the battle.

3 Gustavofling

Better Call Sole Gasmax Memorial

breaking bad It shows that Gas plays a long game and waits quietly until the best time to attack and revenge the cartel.He is planning his business perfectly Fast food restaurant, Los Poros HermanosAs a cover of his criminal activity.

He is patient and can think outside the box. While he’s a really cold and math killer, he works at a glance as a seemingly nice and attentive restaurant owner. He comes up with an evil but very clever plan to eliminate his enemies and ensure he always gets what he wants.

2 Kim Wexler

Kim Wexler is arguably one of the smartest characters Better call soleShows the ability to win against Jimmy and Laro. Like Jimmy, she is incredibly successful in her own work. The difference is that Kim does it primarily by playing according to the rules.

Her relationship with Jimmy defines her in the show as she is chasing him behind the criminal world of Albuquerque. The audience is not completely sure how she actually controls the situation.Because she doesn’t show up in breaking badKim’s fate remains a mystery to fans.

1 Charles’Chuck’McGill

Chuck, who was in trouble as he was, was a wonderful legal spirit and co-founder of Hamlin, Hamlin, and Magill with Howard Hamlin’s father.

He graduated from Georgetown University Law Center with honors and became a widely popular criminal lawyer who won the case. He had a sophisticated hobby and hated Jimmy’s Conman way. He also had the ability to cut corners while gaining respect from attractive people. He lacked Jimmy’s ability to convey it, but Chuck saw things as real.

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