The PS5 pre-sold the same number of units that the PS4 sold in a 12-week pre-order within 12 hours in the United States.

Stephanie Nannery, Tuesday, October 27, 2020 19:40 GMT

Sony states that “very large” demand for the PS5 is being seen through pre-orders.

Pre-order PS5 According to Sony Interactive Entertainment boss Jim Ryan, it’s apparently going through the roof.

According to Reuters, Sony pre-sold the same number of PS5 consoles in the first 12 weeks of the PS4 pre-order in the United States.

“The demand represented by the level of pre-orders was very, very significant,” Ryan said.

“Not everyone who wants to buy a PS5 on the release date can find it.”

That said, Ryan added that the company is working hard to ensure adequate supply during the next shopping season.

PS5 pre-orders sold out in many places within minutes, and we hope Sony will be available soon. Please update the link to get the latest information about stores with pre-orders in stock.

If you’re interested in checking your PS5 in advance, many US retailers today released an opening video and details of their DualSense controller.

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PS5 pre-sold as many units within 12 hours in the US as PS4 did during 12 weeks of pre-orders

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