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The quad acts as a “power for the benefit of the world” and ensures peace in the Indo-Pacific, Prime Minister Modi said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attends the first face-to-face summit of quad leaders hosted by US President Joe Biden on Friday with Australian and Japanese counterparts, and the grouping of four democracies acts as a “global force.” It is good to say that I firmly believe in it. “And ensure peace and prosperity not only in the Indo-Pacific but throughout the world.

In November 2017, India, Japan, the United States and Australia established a quad to develop a new strategy to keep important Indo-Pacific sea routes unaffected as China’s military power grows. It embodies a long-standing proposal to do. Presence in strategic areas.

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At the invitation of President Biden, Prime Minister Modi and his counterparts Scott Morrison of Australia and Yoshihide Suga of Japan gathered at the White House for the first ever face-to-face quad summit. President Biden hosted the first virtual summit of four leaders in March.

At the summit, President Biden said four democracies had come together to tackle a common challenge from Covid to climate. “This group has democratic partners who share a worldview and have a common vision for the future,” he said.

“We know how to get things done and we have to challenge,” he said.

In a short and vivid opening remark, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he was convinced that “participation in the quad would ensure peace and prosperity not only in the Indo-Pacific but throughout the world.”

“We are confident that our cooperation will establish peace and prosperity for the world and the Indo-Pacific. We are confident that our quad will serve as a force for the benefit of the world. First gathered for regional cooperation in India after the 2004 tsunami-Pacific.

“Today, when the world is fighting COVID-19, we have reunited for humanity as part of the quad. Our quad vaccine initiative will greatly help the Indo-Pacific countries,” he says. I did.

“Based on our shared democratic values, Quad decided to move forward with a positive mindset and a positive approach.

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“It would be great if we could discuss with our quad partners, whether in the supply chain, global security, climate change and covid response, or technical cooperation,” Modi said.

Prime Minister Morrison said the Indo-Pacific region should be freed from coercion and the dispute should be settled in accordance with international law.

“There are big challenges in the Indo-Pacific and we need to overcome them. Many things have been achieved in the six months since our last meeting. We are standing together here in the Information Pacific region. “He said.

“I hope we can hold a related summit,” said Japanese Prime Minister Kan.

At the summit, four leaders are expected to discuss the promotion of the Free and Open Indo-Pacific, address the climate crisis, and promote practical cooperation in areas such as the fight against COVID-19.

Prior to the quad summit, China criticized grouping on Friday, saying that the formation of an “exclusive closed faction” went against the times and was “destined to fail.”

Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry, called for China’s reaction as the Quad Summit is expected to address Beijing’s challenges and rising risks in the Indo-Pacific region. He told the media that profits should not be targeted.

“China always believes that no regional cooperation mechanism should target or undermine the interests of third parties. It is the countries of the region to seek an exclusive closed faction from a third party. Contrary to the times and desires of the world, it is destined to fail. “

In addition to discussing issues such as Indo-Pacific challenges, climate change, and the COVID-19 pandemic, White House officials and quad leaders will be involved in space, supply chain initiatives, 5G deployment and diversification. He said he would announce a new working group on the initiative. meeting.

Quad leaders are also planning to roll out vaccine deliverables and announce a series of measures in the areas of the health care and infrastructure sectors, officials said.

India, the United States and several other world powers are discussing the need to secure a free, open and prosperous Indo-Pacific against the backdrop of rising Chinese military action in the region.

China claims almost all of the South China Sea in conflict, while Taiwan, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam all claim some. Beijing has built an artificial island and military facilities in the South China Sea.

Prior to the Quad Summit, Prime Minister Modi met with Australian and Japanese counterparts separately on Thursday to reaffirm the importance of maritime security towards the realization of a “free and open” Indo-Pacific.

The quad acts as a “power for the benefit of the world” and ensures peace in the Indo-Pacific, Prime Minister Modi said. The quad acts as a “power for the benefit of the world” and ensures peace in the Indo-Pacific, Prime Minister Modi said.

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