The recently teased Division 2 mode never happens, “a victim of a tough year.”

Screenshots of the teaser released in September for a canceled event.

Screenshots of the canceled teaser released in September Event..
screenshot: Ubisoft

Yesterday, Ubisoft had its next gameplay event Division 2, Codename Nightmare has been canceled and will not be released as planned this year. Yannick Banchereau, Associate Creative Director of the Game, described the status of the latest State of the Game live stream.

Codename Nightmare was an upcoming special Division 2 A gameplay event made fun of in September. It seemed that the map section of the game would be reused in some way for new challenges. Being placed at the end of the trailer suggested that Ubisoft thought it was special and worth the excitement.

Since then, Ubisoft has been silent about the codename Nightmare until yesterday.During live streaming Game state episode, Banchereau told fans the bad news and explained that the gameplay event wouldn’t happen anymore. Instead, the rewards and cosmetics created for the special event will be part of the apparel event that takes place later in Season 4. An apparel event is like an internal mini-battle pass. Division 2 Season. Players can earn new rewards and cosmetics during a specific limited time frame.

“This year was a tough year for everyone,” Banchereau said in the stream. Covid-19 was not directly referenced or mentioned during the episode, but it may have been a factor in canceling new events.Codename Nightmare was to be a unique event that was reworked, featuring new gameplay. Kenly College, A rarely used place already introduced in the game. It hasn’t happened, but the upcoming apparel event with codename Nightmare hasn’t been successful yet, but it has more rewards than originally planned as part of the gameplay event.

Unfortunately, for those who want to know what Codename Nightmare will be and what players will do, Ubisoft hasn’t shared any details about it. And you probably don’t know right away.

But that wasn’t all bad news.During that same stream, the team announced: Division 2 You will receive a small next-generation patch that lifts the frame rate cap for your game. Banchereau confirmed during the stream that the patch will be released on February 2nd. Once the patch is released, Xbox Series X / S and PS5 players will be able to play games in 4k at 60 frames per second. Ubisoft has made it clear that this is a small patch, not a complete upgrade or next-generation conversion. Instead, the game harnesses the power of the new console to make it work better than ever.

Division 2 The latest season will be live on December 8th with the next title update, featuring both important characters, Feilau. Division 1 And 2, Who became fraudulent at the end of the last expansion, New York military commander.

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