The release date of the Tomb Raider 2 movie has been postponed indefinitely

Last year, MGM tomb Raider The release date of the movie sequel is March 19, 2021. Distributors have postponed some of the 2021 launches due to continued concerns about theatrical release.Starring Alicia Vikander tomb Raider Follow-up count between them. However, at the time of writing, the project deadline has not changed. Toom Raider 2, Then it was postponed indefinitely.

Again, such a decision results in the uncertainty surrounding global theatrical release. Theaters around the world have significantly reduced business hours or temporarily closed their doors. Therefore, publishing a multi-million dollar movie in this situation is not the wisest way.

More about tomb Raider For the sequel, especially the plot, there is a shortage for the time being. Alicia Vikander replays her role as the iconic Lara Croft. Free fire Director Ben Wheatley is joining to direct the film based on the script. Free fire Writer, Amy Jump. MGM reportedly brought in this particular screenwriter because Vikander appreciated “jump scripting.” Amy Jump’s writing credits Kill list And British field..

The franchise’s first reboot movie starring Vikander was a theater hit in early 2018. trend In 2015, I was the director of the project. Graham King’s UK-based production company, GK Films, is back with MGM to produce a sequel.

If the MGM plans to share a revised release date Toom Raider 2 Currently, it has not been seen yet. Interestingly, unless there is another delay unknown The movie is one of the adaptations of the video game that will be screened in theaters on July 16, 2021.

[Source: Deadline]

Tomb Raider 2 Film Delayed Indefinitely Due to Uncertainty Regarding Theatrical Releases

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