The rooftop scene of Norway Home has been rewritten 10 times

one of Spider-Man: No Way HomeThe most unforgettable scene of a third-generation Peter Parker meeting on the roof has been rewritten at least 10 times.

While talking recently IGN Fanfest panel, Noway Home Authors Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers shared an in-depth thinking process to complete their interaction. Tom hollandTobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield.

After confirming that Magwire and Garfield are actually involved Noway HomeBoth writers said they ” MCU The story of Peter Parker. Then it was a matter of understanding how Magwire and Garfield’s Spider-Man would land in the world of Peter Parker in the Netherlands.

“What was they in when they were drawn into this movie? What were they doing? What was their way of thinking?” Summers said.

“The last end Amazing Spider-Man There was this really great speech from Gwen about staying hopeful. And soon it became interesting to us, “Sommers continued. He was too hurt by what happened. And it led us to the attitude we found for him. “

Mckenna and Somemers were also interested in hearing how the actors imagined their characters. It led to “a lot of conversation and a lot of writing”.

Conclusion Summers: “I think we must have written the scene at least 10 times.” After all, attention to detail was worth it. The scene sets the stage for the film’s ambitious final act, as well as a glimpse of the emotional sacrifice of wearing a Spider-Man suit.

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The rooftop scene of Norway Home has been rewritten 10 times

https://screencrush.com/spider-man-no-way-home-rooftop-scene-re-written/ The rooftop scene of Norway Home has been rewritten 10 times

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