The Rose Mask is, well, a romantic visual novel set in the fallen London.

Dive in the shadow cloak!

Dive in the shadow cloak!
screenshot: Fail better game

Fail Better Games introduced players to the corrupt London universe, where the British capital was carried underground by mysterious forces. Named browser game And the sequel to Gothic Survival Sunless Sea And Sky without the sun.. However, the studio’s next project aims to make Unterzee more intimate.

Rose mask A romantic visual novel set just months after Queen Victoria signed an agreement with a group of alien space bats to revive her husband (this is a true folklore, Find out), And changed regular London to fallen London. As a result, players are given the opportunity to witness the city directly confront this horrific plight. Of course, we also court more qualified residents.

“If you’re a fan of the Fallen London Universe, Rose mask As part of a more personal story, you’ll get a glimpse of an event you’ve never seen before. “Fail better’s Official announcement Read. “You will not only explore the origins of your beloved characters and institutions, but you will also encounter brand new mysteries. Rose mask It’s also a great introduction for players who are just starting out in the Fallen London Universe. “

Failbetter plans to launch Kickstarter to fund Rose maskDeveloped in February 2021. Sunless Sea was The studio’s own estimate was quite successful, However Relatively poor sales of Sky without the sun As a result, in 2017 a small team fired four employees. Kotaku I contacted Failbetter for more information on the need for Kickstarter to publish this new game.

Anyways, Rose mask Feels like a wild departure from Sunless Sea And Sky without the sun.. These previous games had a romantic element, but they weren’t really visual novels, they were essentially survival games. I want to know what’s waiting for the Failbetter people as they look to a whole new genre.

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