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From the beginning, Knockout City has always been a wild and competitive social online multiplayer dodgeball game. This is not the official game industry has ever seen. The VelanStudios team is focused on providing players with a new type of gameplay that they have never seen before. From giving players special power in a superpower! From season 2 playlists to special blower spins when throwing a ball through a hoop in a basketball earlier this season, to the entire concept of a timing-based competitive multiplayer dodgeball game. We are definitely not afraid to break new ground.

However, taking a fresh game and adding something familiar can also be the perfect combination. So I’m excited to announce the next event in Knockout City on November 2nd. Royale Rumble. November 2nd is also the day Knockout City will be available to PlayStation Plus members as part of its monthly game lineup.

The main focus of Royale Rumble is the limited-time playlist, KORoyale. In this mode, 8 players are free to join and the danger zone is closed. Unlike other FFA playlists, KO Royale does not allow players to respawn immediately after being KO’d. Instead, watch until the end of the danger zone to see who comes to the top. It will be the last fighter standing to win the crown. Win two crowns to win the match. Sounds simple, but if you’re confronting the other seven crown-hungry fighters, it’s a difficult suggestion to land the last KO with the danger zone closed. Are you doing that job?

As with all events, there are contract options to complete, each rewarding Holobux. Finish it all and get 1500 Holobux. This is enough to get this season’s Brawl Pass if you join in the middle of the season.

Royale Rumble also has a wardrobe full of items to customize your browler for your first Brawl Shop sale. Not only were the prices discounted, but we also brought back some limited-time items that had been tightly locked in the Knockout City Bank vault since the event ended. Heatwave and Knockout City Heroes custom legendary outfits will only reappear after the event is over. Don’t miss this chance to pick them up at a discounted price (again) before they run out forever.

Until November 16th, Royale Rumble will switch to the next event, yet another all-new game mode that will completely change the way you fight.

Also on November 2nd: PlayStation 5 Knockout City! If you pick up the game on PS4 when it goes on sale in May, the PS5 player will be able to upgrade for free. As announced today Knockout City is part of the PlayStation Plus lineup in November, And the PS5 version will also be available to PlayStation Plus members from November 2nd.

In addition, the PS5 player can choose to play at a higher resolution or frame rate, thanks to a new option in the settings menu.

  • Quality mode runs at 60 FPS native 4K resolution to get the most out of these enhanced visuals.
  • In performance mode, the game runs at 1440p, upscales to 4K, and uses frame rates up to 120 FPS on supported TVs and monitors.

Whether it’s PS4 or PS5, there’s never been a better time to dive into Knockout City. If you’re new to the game, check out Team KO, the iconic 3v3 mode, to introduce the world and begin exploring the depth of gameplay. For the hardcore and competitive players out there, it’s a good idea to level up quickly and dive into Team Elimination, a competitive mode of ranked league play. If you’re a longtime player excited to take advantage of the free PS5 upgrade, try your hand at KO Royale and work on becoming the last fighter.

In any case, Knockout City already has a lot of stores and there are even more surprises in the future.

Royale Rumble event comes to Knockout City alongside free PS5 upgrade

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