The saddest RDR2 background character story as tragic as Arthur

While Red Dead Redemption 2’s main character, Arthur Morgan, has received most of the attention, many other RDR2 characters have a tragic story.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Players are not strangers to sad stories. The main character of the game, Arthur Morgan, is forced to see his father sacrifice his ego and abandon the gang, and Arthur has been working on a terminal illness all the time. His story is one of the most powerful in the game, alongside the tragic story of his father, Dutch van der Linde, and the story of John Marston, the former hero of the franchise.The tragedy of these major characters is not limited to what was said in RDR2However, as the game progresses, players will learn a lot about the characters under the radar.

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Kieran Duffy is given a fairly rough hand as one of them. RDR2, As a former O’Driscol Not enjoying much time as a member of the Van der Linde Gang before his death. After being captured by Arthur, Kieran was horribly treated by anyone but Mary Beth at the camp. He is finally allowed to prove his loyalty to Arthur and the Netherlands and start contributing to the group. But his life was rudely shortened as he was decapitated by O’Driscol to intimidate Van der Lindes before he could make real friendships and be treated like a member of the family. It was.

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RDR2Thomas Downs is the best known As the person who gave Arthur tuberculosis, but like Kieran, his story is tragic in itself. Thomas is a poor rancher and is doing his best to raise money for charity while supporting his family. His financial situation forced him to borrow an unpaid loan from Leopold Strauss, and as a result Arthur came to the ranch to beat him and collect his debt. Thomas’s final death is tragic for many reasons, but what stands out is how he looks truly good. In a world that tends to focus on those who want to get what they want to rob or steal, see how cruel life can be for those who make many sacrifices for others. Makes sense.

Sadie Adler’s story is one of the saddest of RDR2

Sadie Adler's story is as important as Arthur's RDR2

She earns more screen time than Keeran and Thomas, but Sadie Adler’s story Remains underestimated Red Dead Redemption 2.. When the player first met her, she was frightened and her husband was killed by O’Driscols, who invaded their home. She is quickly captured by the Van der Linde gang, but it’s naturally slow to warm up to them, and she won’t be comfortable until she finds her role as one of the group’s gunmen. When Sadie finally begins to feel like he’s in the gang, he begins to lose members and the Dutch downward spiral completely collapses the group. Sadie’s story ends in a much more hopeful way than many RDR2 letterHowever, it is painful to see her lost path to find that hope.

RDR2 It tells many different stories, and of course, major characters like Arthur occupy most of the spotlight. Still, Red Dead Redemption 2 It’s great to do a lot in a little bit, and this is especially true when it comes to talking about that side character.

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The saddest RDR2 background character story as tragic as Arthur

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