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Seahawks Unlikely to maintain Carlos Dunlap Because he borrowed $ 14 million in 2021. But he may have spent enough money for Seattle next year. Let’s hear this. What would Seattle value for that $ 14 million by signing another player or three other players? Are they as good as Carlos Dunlap?

When Dunlap came from Bengals and started playing for the Seahawks in the ninth week of 2020, he improved his overall defense. Sure, he had some injuries and actually missed the 14th week and stepped a bit into the last part of the season and the playoffs. But he made a big difference not only in his abilities, but also in how he removed the pressure from the other Seahawks.

Seahawks and Carlos Dunlap

In seven games Seahawks played before Dunlap came to Seattle, the Seahawks abandoned an average of 28.4 points per game. In the next nine games, Seattle gave up an average of 24.9 games. If Dunlap abandoned the first game he played in Seattle while Dunlap was still trying to learn the system and Seattle lost to Bills 44-34, Seattle abandoned the 19.4-point game with Dunlap as Seahawks. did.

Indeed, some of this had to do with Jamal Adams becoming healthy too. However, Carlos Dunlap made a big difference to other talents along the defensive line. Prior to the acquisition of Dunlap, Defensive Harness Jarran Reed had a bag in 2020. After Dunlap was acquired, Reed had 7.5 including one playoff game in Seattle. I can’t trust it.

Dunlap will be expensive this season, but the NFL team will have to spend some money. Passing can be a major reason for a team’s success. Assuming the Seahawks kept Dunlap and contributed a bit with a second-year Pro Darrell Taylor who missed everything in 2020, Seattle was as good as Jarran Reed had a good defensive end. Should have a good pass rush.

In addition, the Seahawks will put pressure on Jamal Adams. He could reach 10 bags next year.

The important thing is that while Dunlap is good on his own, he also makes the Seahawks around him better. Seattle’s defenses are high because Dunlap is on the team. Without Dunlap, Seattle could fall back to pre-Dunlap 2020 levels. This could mean that the team will be 8-8 at the end of last year’s attack. This means missing the playoffs, and Seattle probably seems to make a change. Russell Wilson actually Be traded After the 2021 season.

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The Seahawks are unlikely to maintain Carlos Dunlap, which is bad The Seahawks are unlikely to maintain Carlos Dunlap, which is bad

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