The Season of the Hunt Announces Destiny 2: Beyond Light – The Sixth Axis Kickoff

Bungie has announced the next season of Destiny 2. Everything starts on November 10th, when the next expansion pack, Beyond Light, will be released. However, this is a story mission for the season, and the new Wrathborn Hunts activity will begin the week after November 17th.

They also revealed the rest of the roadmap for the year you can see below.

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“Starting with the Season of the Hunt, most season content and all sweet gear will remain throughout the fourth year,” says Bungie. “I hope this alleviates some of the FOMOs that existed in the past seasons. Now you can come back anytime in the fourth year and experience the stories, activities and looting of the past seasons. . “

Bungy has hinted that Darkness (not Justin Hawkins’ lead vocal pop-rock band) will confuse everything he thinks about the game. This always suggests that Wright is the only way. Are travelers as benevolent as we always thought?

There are rumors of a live event starting expansion, and Guardians may return to their original towers from Destiny 2.

Bungie has previously described some of the new technical improvements that will be made in the next extension, Beyond Light. When it starts on November 10th, a significant amount of content will be stored, including the entire planet, including strikes, raids, Mars and Mercury, and the entire game will have to be downloaded again for major changes to work. There is.

“We know this can be a pain for users with slow or pay-as-you-go internet connections. We’re sorry. To alleviate this, enable Beyond Light preload on the evening of November 9th Pacific time. This will allow us to download for at least 10 hours before the gate opens, “says Bungie.

Fortunately, the new version of the game is 30-40% smaller, clocking in at around 59GB to 71GB, depending on the platform you play. Rebuilding the game is a veil for Bungie to patch bugs, and it also means more development time each season.

Also, the game will be changed to “Physical Host” instead of “Mission Host”. This means that new raids, strikes and other missions can be more complex than they are today. “Physical hosts know exactly where enemy combatants are and what they have done recently, while mission hosts generally know how many combatants are alive in a squad and that squad is common. I only knew what I was trying to achieve, “says Bungy. This also means that you can meet the fire team much faster in the tower, but the old missions that remain in the game after launching Beyond Light may have one or two bugs. I’m warning you.

Source: Bungie

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The Season of the Hunt announced to kick off Destiny 2: Beyond Light

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