The second world update of Microsoft Flight Sim makes the United States shine

Yeah, pilot. The next destination for Microsoft Flight Simulator is A’s magnificent old United States, so lasso the youth. A large aviation sandbox pushed a second world update, granted permits to many states with improved resolution, and laid some handmade airports. And 50 spruce-up points of interest to make your state tour an absolute treat.

MSFS’s second national overhaul aims to depict the US landscape suitable for Noah Caldwell-Gervais’ travels, after Japan’s first World Update made it a little more comfortable to fly.

Similar to Japan’s update, World Update 2 improves both landscape height maps and aerial photo resolutions across the continent of North America. It’s not a radical change, the mind. America is simply too big for that. But it’s wide enough that the vast range of countries needs to be mapped a bit more accurately to the actual counterpart. But more importantly, add dozens of landmarks across the country.

From the Washington Monument and the White House to the absurdities of nature like Devils Tower, 50 “faithful” POIs have been added to the game. In addition, the four airports of Atlanta International, Dallas / Fort Worth International, New York Stewart International and Friday Harbor have been completely hand-crafted. At the other 48 airports, the resolution is not very high.

This update adds some performance and stability updates, recalibrates a number of aircraft, and fixes all bugs, from the game UI to the placement of streetlights on small roads. All of these are listed in the official patch notes. ..

They do not mention whether the huge spikes that pierce the big holes in Japan and Brazil have been fixed. I hope they are never the case.

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Microsoft Flight Sim’s second world update spit-shines the USA

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