The Secret Service will revise the president’s details while the members involved are working with Trump

The Secret Service plans to add many agents who previously worked when President Biden served as Vice President in the details of the president in the coming weeks, the Washington Post reported.

It’s not uncommon for the president-elect’s details to be reassigned when the new administration takes office, but as the president-elect’s allies have expressed concern about how some agents will work with President-elect Trump. , Post said a new move is coming.

The Secret Service has faced surveillance in recent months following reports that some agents have been told by members of the president’s details to abandon the mask around Trump. The office continued to draw attention last year after allowing Anthony Ornart, who had previously led the details of the current administration, to serve as political adviser to the White House.

In a statement to the post, agency spokeswoman Catherine Milhoan said, “The office is completely non-political and steadily meeting standards of excellence in these operations, regardless of the parent’s party. I am devoting myself to. “

“For practical and operational security, the agency has not commented on protection operations, including internal decisions regarding agency assignments,” she added.

Hill also contacted the Secret Service for comment.

According to the post, Darryl Volpicelli and Brian McDonough were one of the overseers in the previous administration and will be added to Biden’s details shortly. Volpicelli is reportedly the deputy commander of the team and McDonough is the senior detail supervisor.

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