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What made you crazy about golf?

To be honest, what made me crazy about golf was that I couldn’t conquer golf. No matter what level of golfer you are, there are ongoing challenges. There is no same round. Not every day of the course is the same. This endless charm comes from the chances of something great happening that will be different each time you play. Beyond that, for me, it has to be the ever-beautiful scenery, the desolate areas of the course where you can only hear nature, and the people you meet with golfers.I can probably talk about this forever, but I’ll stop here [laughs]..

What makes the game fun for you?

I really enjoy golf because of the many different ways you can play it. It can be small, such as how many different ways each shot can be played. I’m personally excited when I’m shown an interesting tip shot. If everything else fails, I usually bet on the game with my friends and get things a little more exciting.

What makes sports off for you?

rigidity. This was probably a simple answer, as I know it’s a trick shot and a bit out of the normal range of golf, but at the same time it has a lot of respect for the sport and many traditionalists. I often think that’s not the case, I think it’s possible. To be honest, I really enjoy and appreciate many golf traditions and don’t want them to disappear. What I want to see is that the world adapts at the same speed, just as golf does. You don’t have to change golf, but I think golf should at least be more open to gradual changes and alternatives. For me, one of golf’s greatest strengths is that it is one of the few sports that has very high potential as an alternative way to play and enjoy golf. And I think we need to use it as a force movement rather than avoiding change. The world doesn’t slow down and I don’t want to be left behind with great sports like golf.

What is the secret to attracting the next generation?

I think golf marketing should be more directed towards society now. I think society has a shorter span of attention. I think there should be more forms of play. We hope that the Singapore Tournament on the LPGA Tour played as a night golf event with floodlights to take a different look. I also wish there were more knockout-style tournaments that would allow fans to lag behind their favorite players. It brings more match play and even smaller gimmick knockout events, such as the shootout closest to the pin. For me, the way to get someone to enjoy golf is one step closer to making them want to go to the golf course and play for themselves. I think it’s a big jump to jump on a golf course and try to play without playing golf. If it’s your first experience, it’s often a little difficult to immediately love something that you find very difficult. Personally, I had to enjoy playing golf before I wanted to go to the golf course. I have a thousand ideas about this. Some are working, others are ready to start.

What was your worst club experience and why?

There were no dramatic events. It’s just being ignored by certain people in certain prestigious clubs, but I also had a great experience with them. When I arrived on the course earlier, I was told that there would be no trick shots while I was there. But again, I often do the exact opposite. I’ve seen people mistreated on the course before, but that’s not my experience.

What is your best club experience and why?

From the first day I started playing golf, I have been treated wonderfully at my home course, Titirangi (Auckland). Therefore, in addition to the actual layout, we have always made great achievements in the course. When golf was a little more archaic, they supported me very much as a teenager and fully embraced the way I wanted to do it. This is important.

How did trick shots affect your approach to golf?

They changed the way I think the game should grow. When I was playing trick shots and playing golf now, I realized that there are many people who like the idea of ​​playing golf. What’s more, when non-golfers get excited about watching videos of golf-based trick shots, it highlights the fact that golf is still deeply rooted in stereotypes and has plenty of room. Because there is everything beyond that stereotype that many do not know. You don’t have to include a country club or heavy dress code to dive into the game. There are different ways to enjoy the game. So in trick shots, I think I’m trying to adjust the way I push the game out to people to minimize the stigma that still exists in the golf world.

Do you have a favorite trick shot that anyone can try?

Yeah, I always think the very easy thing is to stack the balls on top of another and hit the ball below. This pushes the ball straight up and allows you to catch it or hit it from the air. I think it’s easy to shoot a kick-up trick shot in the air with a driver. Ask someone to throw the ball into the air. It’s always satisfying … although it’s not always easy for someone to throw the ball at you.Everything else I probably have to show you how to do it-they get more and more complicated from here [laughs]..

What are your future goals for sports?

Ultimately, I would like to not only potentially focus on juniors, but also build an academy up to college. I won’t go into the details, but there are many specific details, but I think we can improve the way we build our clinic today.

What is your favorite place?

Titrangi, Muriwai, The Hills, Jack’s Point, Tara Iti, Troon North (both courses), Desert Mountain (outlaw course), Monarch Beach … I have so many favorites that I’m probably leaving a lot blank for now.

What makes New Zealand so special for golf?

There is no doubt that the scenery for both exciting course design and spectacular scenery and the relaxing nature of New Zealand golf courses. Take a wonderful trip around New Zealand, including beachside courses, links styles, tree-lined avenues and cliffs, and you’ll see almost different landscapes on every course you play. New Zealand has everything about different playing experiences. I am honored to have grown up there. Also, the idea of ​​private club culture is not so important, as kiwis are generally considered friendly. It will be a much more relaxing experience.

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The secret to making golf fun – New Zealand Golf Digest The secret to making golf fun – New Zealand Golf Digest

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