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“The share of mortgages in tolerance drops to 5.29%.”

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Note: This is as of February 7th.

From MBA: Mortgage share in tolerance drops to 5.29%

According to the latest Forbearance and Call Volume Survey of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), the total number of loans currently in grace period has decreased by 6 basis points from 5.35% of the servicer’s portfolio volume last week. 5.29% as of February 7, 2021.. According to MBA estimates 2.6 million homeowners are planning tolerate..

Mike Fratantoni, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, MBA, said: “As both the GSE and Genie May portfolios declined, the share of tolerant loans fell to the lowest level since April 5, last year.” Similar to the trend in recent months, the first week of February has recently been We have shown that the pace of withdrawal from tolerance has been faster than in the weeks of, but the new demand for tolerance has not changed. “

“2.6 million homeowners remain in tolerance plans. MBA’s vaccine deployments are driving economic growth throughout the year, strengthening the job market and making homeowners more struggling,” Fratantoni added. We expect people to be more capable of recovering. We believe that additional support is needed until they regain their jobs and income. “

• Total delinquent loans decreased by 6 basis points compared to the previous week: 5.35% to 5.29%.

• By type of investor, the mortgage mortgage share of Genie Maylone decreased from 7.46% to 7.34% compared to the previous week.
• Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s tolerant mortgage share fell from 3.07% to 3.01% compared to the previous week.
• The delinquency rate for other loans (such as portfolios and PLS loans) was flat at 9.14% compared to the previous week.

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This graph shows the percentage of portfolio tolerance by investor type over time. Most of the increase was in late March and early April, then has been declining, and has been declining almost slowly these days.

The MBA states: “The total weekly grace requests as a percentage of service portfolio volume remained at 0.07% compared to the previous week.”

“The share of mortgages in tolerance drops to 5.29%.” “The share of mortgages in tolerance drops to 5.29%.”

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