The shipping cost of this Walmart Metroid Bundle is terrifying

How much do you like Metroid? Don’t answer until you peek at this Metroid Dread Bundle at Walmart. That seems tough. Metroid Dread + Free (Walmart’s words, not mine) Metroid Dread Samus Mug is a low price of $ 60. This means that you can get a Metroid Dread Mug by pre-order. This is the best pre-order bonus I’ve ever seen. However, if you look closely at the list, you’ll notice that there are few annoying shipping and handling charges.

Metroid dread + free (not really free) mug

Yes, you are reading that right. Apparently you have to pay a $ 50 “shipping fee”. These mugs must be of much higher quality and fragile than the Christmas story leg lamps. But hey, at least the mug itself is “free”. If you need two copies of the game and four mugs (!), Of course you have to pay $ 100. In all seriousness, this ridiculous $ 50 charge must be wrong, and our guess is that Wal-Mart will fix it soon.

We recommend that you get this bundle immediately as it may sell out before the October 8th Metroid Dread release date after the fix. The mug is just the second pre-order bonus I’ve seen on Metroid Dread. You can also get a set of pins by ordering at GameStop. For more information on pre-ordering, including hard-to-find special editions and Amiibo information, see the Metroid Dread Pre-Ordering Guide.

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