The Simpsons producer clarifies the show’s most misunderstood quotes

Former Simpsons producer Josh Weinstein used Twitter to answer fan questions about the show’s most misunderstood and misunderstood jokes.

Former producer The simpsons We decided to joking fans last Monday by explaining some of the show’s most misunderstood quotes. Matt Groening’s original adult animation is currently airing Season 32. Satire American culture for 30 years.. The animated comedy has won numerous awards over the years for its consistently entertaining critique of life in the suburbs of the United States and is widely regarded as one of the greatest television shows of all time.

The simpsons It has had a profound influence on popular culture and, even indirectly, has influenced countless animators, television writers and comedians.Popular comedy like Family guy And South park Have The simpsons Thank you for inspiring the wave of adult animation in the 90’s. However, there should be some jokes that did not land in the 694 episode. The simpsons Fans have been guessing and discussing the meaning of certain lines and references for years, but often inconclusive.

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former The simpsons producer Josh Weinstein Earlier this week, I visited Twitter to explain some of the more confusing quotes and moments of the show. Weinstein worked as a television screenwriter and then in 1992 as a show producer. He and his writing partner, Bill Oakley, joined the writing staff based on a spec script that will eventually lead to the episode “Marge Gets a Job” (Season 4, episode). 7) And left the show in 1998. He tweeted an offer for an open inquiry. Answer fan questions about specific lines or moments on the show It never made sense to them.

Weinstein answered fan questions for over 12 hours. This was an exercise that taught producers one or two things about the show.The controversial argument has been resolved Seeing off Hank Scorpio shoes (Homer made the total number of people who witnessed someone else say goodbye to their shoes and say goodbye to their shoes before Hank to two), Moe in the “car hole” or “car It doesn’t matter if you say “hold” (“car hole”). And the vague and outdated wording when Bart tells Lisa is, “So I tell Mabel, I say …” (It’s not a reference to a particular thing; Weinstein says it’s just “that” It’s interesting because of its age. “) For many of the quotations, the most obvious explanations are correct, and Weinstein choked many fan questions to the point of thinking too much (sometimes jokes are funny, so they’re just funny).

Viewers would be happy if they could sleep peacefully now that they are on fire. The simpsons I answered the question. While gaining internal knowledge of television shows is satisfying, small discussion points such as those mentioned by Weinstein are also part of the fun of being a fan. In the case of anime comedy, those discussions can be as specific as a one-letter difference. The bittersweet result of explaining the citation is that fans can no longer theorize their meaning. It’s lucky that, The simpsons Is still stirring on-air jokes, and fans will soon have new material to ponder.

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Source: Josh Weinstein/twitter

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The Simpsons producer clarifies the show’s most misunderstood quotes

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