The Simpsons Season 33 Episode 1 Review: Behind-the-Scenes Star

The stage show is set on New Year’s Eve 1999, and when the clock goes to midnight, the world sees if they are still alive, or if they can prove they are alive. There are not enough songs in the play. The Expo song is a bit moody, except for a few lines where the Broadway star sung by the high school cast lead is cut above the other stars. There are highlights. The cast gladly confessed, saddening one of their inner circles and killing them in a timely manner. New York Times.. Bernie has a sad, almost spectacular solo, admitting that “although he may have been a crooner, stage and screen star, he will soon drink up his dreams.” Why do you try it? Homer’s song, which gently conveys to his wife who does not want to hear the bad news, is also outstanding. “Your reaction deserves withdrawal” is one of the most heartfelt lines sung throughout the night.

The song only has a dull bite, there The simpsons Musical numbers in the past could be chewed more than they could be chewed. The intervals between the music “A Streetcar Named Marge” or “Stop the Planet of the Apes I Want to Get Off” prove that this is well within reach. And don’t let me start what they did to Steve Guttenberg. I couldn’t see him the same again.

This is what happens to former high school Ingénue, who became a Broadway star. Sasha Reed is Sarah Chase (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), May be best known for playing all three mistresses First Wives Club: Musical, But perhaps someone who worked at Herald Square Sephora like Sasha. At least she’s close to Patti LuPone, not to mention Glen. The best visual gag of the night comes at the Moe bar. Look at Mo while Sasha remembers her night in the hot tub with Bernie, he’s so engrossed that he shatters the glass he’s cleaning, but keeps wiping.

But Marge’s story is sad, and it makes me feel the same as Homer did after seeing how Stanley Kowalski’s man treated her in Springfield’s theatrical production. A tram named Desire.. The problem is that no canon is emotionally true. Marge is a wet blanket at a sleep party and a hitman at the Crusty the Crown show, but her faction is always a few steps above Homer’s faction. Putting him and Bernie in a more socially acceptable circle feels false and coerced, albeit in the theater crowd. Marge gave up her status of being with Homer, and if two of them were losers, it rocked the dynamics.

I don’t want to see Marge left behind from the best of the best times. Sure, she’s not the type to go to Keger, even at her own home, when a technical run-through is planned or at night. But even Homer was at the party, even if he wasn’t at the show, and he wouldn’t have been in high school at that level yet.

Bart and Lisa don’t do much, but it’s strangely appropriate, except for the final critique. It feels lazy, they say. This is not exactly the case.Most The simpsons‘The most classic musical moments are parodies of other songs, and all the songs in this episode are original songs written by Jack Dorgen and Elizabeth Kirnan. They are ambitious, melodic, and nothing if not lyrical, but comically, they are just lacking. They had such an opportunity, their talents, means, and merging as stage managers. We get the drama when Marge reveals Sasha about what she is. It hits the right tone and is musically exciting.But it has no destructive danger The simpsons Is excellent. It’s perfectly fine and will be a memorable episode of other Sitcom, but it’s not a “monorail.”

The Simpsons Season 33 Episode 1 Review: Behind-the-Scenes Star

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