The Sims’ best skeleton, Bone Hilda, is enthusiastic about fans

Sims 4 It may be a life simulation game, but it’s pretty weird. Sim can go to work as an accountant, be eaten up by the barn, date the Grim Reaper, and become a Star Wars character. One of the weirdest additions to the game these days is the long-standing legacy character Bonehilda. The latest staff packs are paranormal themed and players are accustomed to the post-mortem world so they can spend time with the best skeleton maids in every game.

Bone Hilda is creepy (she is a skeleton and always reminds me of the inevitable skeleton war) and is very helpful. She acts as a butler or nanny, caring for Sim’s children and cleaning the house.She goes back to the original Sims And that Makin Magic Expansion pack from 2003.Since then she has appeared in The Sims 3 And now Sims 4.4. (For some reason, she continues the tradition from the previous game of not doing the laundry, which is very relevant.)

This household helper has only two drawbacks.One is that human maids Scared Tends to escape from Bone Hilda’s and properties. It’s a pity that there is no solidarity there, but it’s understandable. Another unfortunate thing is the carry-over from past games. Bonehilda has no stomach, so it can’t hold the liquid it drinks and just hits the floor. At least she will eventually clean it, so it’s compassionate.

It is even possible to romance Bonehilda and WooHoo with her. Some players have summoned Bone Hilda by mysterious supernatural means, summoning her as soon as possible so that she can replace Sim’s boring and ordinary living romance option with a skeleton maid. You can also take the form of Bonehilda in one ritual. Only two Bonesirdas are better than one Bonehirda.

Fans Bone Hilda Sims Four, There is a terrifying surprise waiting for them: an intriguing human version of Bonehilda. Hilda — or Mesirda? — A new and fan content inspiration for players to solve puzzles and dress up.

Finally, Bonehilda Sims 4Especially compared to recent expansions due to new neighborhoods, universities and building features. But these little looks from the characters you love and the stories of the long-standing soap opera studded with everyday life bring Sims to life. Or, in this case, immortality.

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