The Sims is affiliated with the brand eyeshadow makeup brand MAC

The Sims are all about character customization and hilarious death traps, but most are character customization. Currently, EA has partnered with cosmetics company MAC to create a line of sim-themed eyeshadows. This allows you to look like a shim that looks like a shim.

Input Mag reports that this product is called The Sims Eyeshadow x9 Palette starring The Sims. The pot contains all nine shades, including smoky brown and glittering shadows, in a Sims-themed box. You can purchase palettes for $ 32 from the Mac Cosmetics site.

“Many gamers livestream and understand the power of the slightest gestures of make-up,” said Romero Jennings, MAC director of make-up art. “They understand the impact it has on themselves and their followers. Makeup and video games are the perfect escape to bring your perfect virtual world to real life. Both are definitely me. Improve our daily lives. “

EA emphasized making The Sims 4 more comprehensive and body positive. This year’s EA Play presentation focused on how the game helped foster a player’s expressive community, and a recent update focused on a variety of skin tones and fine-tuning sliders.

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