The single most effective sex tip I have ever given

Do you know the most effective sex tips I have ever given?

Touch more!

Most of us think touch is part of the foreplay that leads to sex, but I’m talking about touch just for touch. Yes, this kind of touch has the power to change your sex life like never before.

You might think of touch as just skin-to-skin touch, but it goes far beyond that. Touch is a central way for us to share our emotions with others. As a child, we felt safe in the care and protection of our parents. When we were infants, we were embraced by a gentle hug. Otherwise, you will sit on your mother’s lap and enjoy the joy of raising. But as we grow up, the exact same upbringing touch becomes sexual.

However, even as an adult, such a nurturing yet non-sexual touch is necessary. That’s where we’re wrong in intimate relationships, by linking touch to sex only in our long-term sex life. Intimate love relationships often fail due to the lack of this kind of touch. And to resume your sex life, you need to regain this “touch”.

So many different type Touch: hug, caress, massage, hug, hug, tickle, stroke, etc.And so many different place Can be touched: hair, hands, feet, toes, fingers, belly, neck, back, face, shoulders, arms, legs, etc. (Be careful not to touch the chest or genitals as the purpose of this touch is not sexual But to enjoy the fun feelings).And so many different message You can convey love, relaxation, temptation, empathy, playfulness, desire, etc. with a touch.

Here’s why touch is an effective sex tip and can help you resume your sex life after a long break:

Reason # 1-Touch is exciting!

First of all, the touch itself can feel great! Do you remember the first kiss? Do you remember the thrill of that skin-to-skin contact? You can light it with a simple touch. Even when that first thrill is gone, many touch techniques can feel even more sexy and fun than sex techniques. There are many ways to try touch in the bedroom. You can spice it up for a whole month without even having sex!

Reason # 2 – Touch is not so intimidating

You may know a myriad of books and sessions about “trying new things in the bedroom”. But like most people You never follow that advice because it feels scary! Sex feels like a chore. It’s a job when you lose your emotional connection and your life becomes monotonous. In this situation, putting yourself there and running is vulnerable and very unpleasant anything New in the bedroom. However, trying new techniques for touch can feel much less intimidating than trying new techniques for sex. Touch is easy and good. Trying a simple yet rich and profound touch will reduce pressure and perfectionism.

Reason # 3 – Touch enhances your desire

If you want to try something new in your bedroom, you need to be intimate in the first place! Some people have a sensitive libido. In other words, you don’t feel the mental desire to have sex until you are physically excited. When you ask a responsive sex drive type person, “Do you want to have sex?”, Most of the time you answer “no” because your mental needs do not precede your physical needs. But when you hug, touch, or kiss, their desires naturally emerge and they will want to continue. Touch opens the door to sexual potential.

If you want to bring more touch to your relationship, this is one easy way to do it: The next week, spend 10 minutes a day in your bedroom hugging, touching, and kissing each other in private. Don’t think of it as “foreplay” this time. The idea is to enjoy physical contact simply for physical contact, without additional pressure on sexual intercourse.

This sex tip may sound simple, but the truth is that most relationships are so touch-hungry that only this one exercise has the power to make a big impact on your sex life.

We hope this sex tip will help you improve your sex life. For more information on sexual health, check out a healthy reading or watch a LIVE session by sexual health expert Pallavi Barnwal on GOQiiPlay. You can also connect with her on Facebook: https: //


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