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The· New Orleans Saints (10-4) is heading into the postseason, but there is anxiety within the fan base and definitely within the team. After starting Season 1-2 and appearing to sway like winter leaves, the saints have won nine consecutive victories.Then they began to lose the unfortunate 24-21 way decision to 4-9-1 Philadelphia EaglesBefore giving in to Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs, 32-29 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome last Sunday.

Armed with two consecutive defeats, the saints welcome Minnesota Viking (6-8) Friday afternoon at NOLA. Minnesota is a team with nothing to lose and always enjoys breaking the hearts of saints. I don’t have to remind you.The Vikings have a wide receiver that transforms two games from close to rookie Justin Jefferson for all flaws LSU And Adam Thielen. Minnesota also features the league’s second-largest talented running back Dalvin Cook with 1,484 rush yards (average 5.0 per rush) and 15 rushing touchdowns (NFL co-leader with Derrick Henry, Tennessee).

New Orleans has won four consecutive crowns and needs to correct the ship if they want to play their first postseason game at home. The team is plagued by injuries, with wide receivers Michael Thomas and Marquez Caraway on the injured list. Meanwhile, Trequan Smith was injured and left the Chiefs match. Free safety Marcus Williams may also have less ankle sprains, but breakout defensive end Tray Hendrickson, who leads the team with a sack, suffered a stab against Kansas City and he was against the Vikings in a short week. Availability is not guaranteed.

So is the sky falling? not yet. That’s why Sean Payton earns $ 8.5 million a year. The NFL is the “what have you done for me lately” league, and winning nine games in a row is now old news.Peyton must avoid his team collapsing and losing departments Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-5) He is chasing New Orleans in just one match in the NFC South, but both regular season matches are defeated by the saints. The head coach made controversial calls this season, including launching his “pet project” Taysom Hill on behalf of experienced Jameis Winston when Breeze went down four games due to a rib injury. .. The Saints head coach now has to regain confidence in his team, win the remaining two games (against Minnesota and Carolina) and find a way to the playoffs. He also has to manage his injuries wisely and is a delicate task while trying to win the game. Can he do it? It doesn’t take long to find.

For now, as the NFL regular season nears its end, let’s take a look at some notable numbers for saints.


1-magic number

A magic number for Saints to win the NFC South title for the fourth consecutive year. This is a feat that has yet to be achieved in the history of the division. Saints plans to win two games against a team with a total of 10-18 records. Despite playing in the Super Dome, I consider the Vikings to be the most difficult challenge. Carolina (4-10) is a road game, but the Panthers are in the rebuilding season under rookie head coach Matt Roll and former Saints quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Two games to win one and make history. Can the saints do that? lets search.


6.5-Do you need to worry?

The number of sack of Cameron Jordan, the defensive end of Saints. Only 2 games left in the regular season. Is this the beginning of the end of Jordan, or is it just a depressed year? Now, in his tenth NFL season, Saints’ defensive leader is rushing passers-by in the quietest year since 2016, with a total of only 7.5 bags during the regular season. And this has been the case for several years, as Jordan has led saints in bags every year since 2015, before bringing up the fact that Jordan is often the main focus of the opposite line of attack. Please remember. Not the Saints sack leader, he had 7.5 sack in 2014 and Junior Garrett led the team with 10.0. This may be a radar blip, but it’s worth noting in the future.


12.5-Out of nowhere!

Speaking of sack, let’s talk about Tray Hendrickson. Who saw this coming? With only two games in the NFL regular season, Hendrickson finished second in the NFL with a 12.5 sack. Who is he tied to?Aaron Donald is none other than Los Angeles RamsArguably the best defensive player in the NFL overall.Both players only track TJ Watts Pittsburgh Steelers In half a bag. When he was a rookie in 2017, Hendrickson had only two bags, but showed potential for growth. The next season was a year of reduced to five games due to injury and nothing happened. A year ago, Florida Atlantic’s fourth-year player had a 4.5 sack in third place in Saints, behind Marcus Davenport and Cam Jordan. And there was an explosion: in his contract year, Hendrickson, Those who earn a base salary of $ 825,000Leads the saint in a sack, but was a force in a hurry to quarterback, even when he didn’t go home. Hendrickson, like many players drafted by the saints in 2017, is a testament to the team’s better draft philosophy and is another example of why they have been successful since 2017. His number will make the saint think seriously about his re-signature. When he joins an unlimited free agent this offseason.



The number of New Orleans Saints regular season wins (62 games) since the start of the 2017 season. They are tied for the best in the NFL during that span. With two games remaining in 2020, New Orleans has been 47-15 since September 11, 2017.Defense only Bouncy ball Champion Kansas City Chiefs has won many regular seasons in the same time frame. 3rd place is New England Patriots (42-20), the fourth ranked team to win during that span is the Pittsburgh Steelers with a record of 41-20-1.The· Seattle Seahawks We conclude the top 5 with a record of 40-22.In the case of Schnitzel and Gigle, the Falcons 28-34 records in the same span. I don’t make up for this.


1,516-Best Part Dew

These are the total yards by Saints’ running back Alvin Kamara, as there are two regular season matches left. Prolific all-round playmakers have already exceeded a total of 1,330 yards since last season’s scrimmage. Kamala leads Saints with a 165 rush at 177 yards, and if Sean Payton wants to use him that way, he’ll be back 1,000 yards. He also scored 80 passes at 739 yards and would have scored more if Drew Brees hadn’t missed in four games this season. These numbers are accompanied by a total of 15 touchdowns (10 rushes, 5 receive), all leading the team. In other words, the 2020 New Orleans Saints did not play in the playoffs and did not compete for the fourth consecutive Division Crown and perhaps the 41st Super Bowl Championship. Saints is lucky to have him.

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The sky in New Orleans Saints is not falling. yet. The sky in New Orleans Saints is not falling. yet.

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