The snow theme of FINAL FANTASY VII is the top of my dependable blizzard mix

Welcome to Morning Music, KotakuA daily hangout for those who love video games and the cool ass sounds they make. Today we are heading north to the cold climate of the game and the music that makes them so fascinating.

Specifically, I would like to invite you to a humble winter hideaway FINAL FANTASY VIIIcicle Inn. Small villages like New England are full of cold, soft snow. After the most climax moment of the epic JRPG, the theme of the region is “Buried in the snow, “I will nail that moment. Glitter slowly, beautifully, and with a touch of sorrow. Some game songs stop you on your track, Icicle Inn wanted me to take a long nap and never want to leave it behind.

please listen:

Square Enix / Cloud183 (YouTube)

The northeastern part is actually likely to be buried in snow, so I felt it was appropriate today. School snow days may be an anachronism in the era of pandemic distance learning, but sometimes dusted to stop everyday life, or at least to turn it into something more mundane. There is something good about it. JRPG with a long butt like FINAL FANTASY VII You need to propel you across the map, and the character’s drama and mysterious plots do it well, but sometimes when you come across places or moments that invite you to stay for a while and take you. I see it. One of them is Icicle Inn, which eventually sends snowboards down the mountain, just as “Buried in the Snow” can be picked up again in the glaciers below.

But that’s not all, especially when it comes to JRPG snowy locales.I Recently praised Star Ocean: The Second StoryEnd credit track, and the game’s icy college town Giveaway song, “White the heart, ”Is also wonderful. Manna secretof”Snowfield theme“Is different. EarthBoundof”Winters whiteIs also classic. And look The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time It may not be a JRPG, but that “Ice caveIs a wonderful frosty melody that cannot be mentioned here. There are chimes, some notes, and the surrounding wind. This is one of the shortest dungeons in the game, but I was able to hear the song all day long. This is the perfect BGM for a real blizzard.

I hope the weather at the neck of the forest doesn’t get worse this week. If it’s snowing, the heat will continue and the electricity won’t turn off. In the meantime, you can share other idle stuff, preferably non-idle stuff.cyber punk-y’s thoughts got through your head this morning with the following comments. I drop a nice fat mug of cocoa here.

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