THE SPIDER WOMAN (1943) Sherlock Holmes Thriller Review and Overview

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“Queen of Murder!”

Spider woman Is a 1943 American mystery thriller movie about Sherlock Holmes Investigate a series of so-called “pajama suicides”. The super detective soon knows that the female villain behind the mysterious death is as cunning as his great enemy, Moriarty, and as toxic as a real spider.

Production / Director Roy William Neal From a script written by Bertram Millhauser based on a character created by Arthur Conan Doyle, Universal Pictures’ production will star Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Galeson Daggerd, Dennis Hoy, Vernon Downing, and Mary Gordon.

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“The mystery itself is solid enough, but it’s not necessarily the point of these Holmes adventures. They follow puzzles like Agatha Christie’s adaptation with clear clues and a limited number of suspects. It’s an exciting story that whips you along an incredible path, not something else. It’s definitely an adventure. ” 100 movies a year

“”Spider woman It boasts a wonderfully entertaining turn from Gale Sondergaard who almost always knew how to make evil dangerously fascinating and fascinating. Roy William Neill oversees with his customary efficiency and finds time as usual for an amazing number of shots showing talent and invention. generally, Spider woman The veins of the mystery thriller make a fun crackling sound. ” AllMovie (1)

“It’s flooded with funny conversations and devilishly clever plot twists (one of those that includes autistic pygmy!). Sherlock Holmes and Spider-Woman It is one of the best in the Universal Homes series. Best Bit: The Lestrade inspector (Dennis Hoey), who was told to “act inconspicuously,” begins to whistle with his eyes up. Dr. Watson then rebukes him, “Unobtrusive, Lestrade, not half-hearted.” AllMovie (2)

“When I think I can’t do anything stranger, there’s a twist involving a pygmy that Holmes calls” that creature in a suitcase. ” Yes, during Holmes’ brown facial makeup and pygmy treatment, this seems to be a racist around the edge by today’s standards. Still, it’s an eccentric entry that you can’t miss. ” Blu-ray.com

“As even Holmes admits to Dr. Watson of Nigel Bruce, Lestrade has proven to be a worthy enemy. Sonderguard is outstanding and crackles in her scene with Lasborn. Among the other fun of the movie is Dennis Hoey’s Lestrade inspector and Mary Gordon’s Mrs. Hudson. ” Derek Winnart

“It’s very annoying to see. There are no mysteries worth understanding, and there aren’t many ways to suspense. While filmmakers get a small amount of thrill from an eerie kind of murder weapon, the horror described is I can’t really see it. The actors don’t seem to be really interested in it either. It’s said that Rasborn eventually got tired of the characters and started to feel tired here … ” eFilm critic

“Millhauser’s script has no flabs that are driven at reckless speed by Neil’s lively and pointless direction and thunder the increasingly eerie storyline. So much in the 62 minutes of the movie. Far from worrying about the more mysterious aspects of the plot, you can’t really get the chance to take a breath … ” EOFF TV Review

“Arachnids, Holmes’s presumed death, an eerie silent boy, and a nerve-wracking finale at the prophetic carnival shooting range. sawDevil’s Trap, Spider woman Throw a lot on the wall and almost everything will stick together. The run time is 63 minutes, which is a duration, but with more emphasis on comedy, you don’t even get close to slow-moving areas. ” Flick attack

“… It may have been set in the days of Conan Doyle. The film borrows elements from some of his stories and casts Gale Sondergaard as a villain very effectively. But the best part of the movie is Roy William Neill’s quick direction. It’s a memorable finale at the trade fair, but the story isn’t the movie’s strongest suit. ” Hedmark

“”Spider woman Remains one of the best of Universal Sherlock Holmes series. Freely borrowed from Conan Doyle’s various stories, it is not considered a straightforward adaptation, but as Holmes says, the movie Holmes is his first formidable female enemy, “Woman Moriarty.” Do so to give. ” Naturalism! Creepy! Great!

“There is a big and toxic spider and an apparently killer kid, so there is a welcome feeling for creepy people. Spider woman, And the pace moves from a dying exploit to another, as in the modern series. This includes an ingenious way to knock Holmes and Watson out in their apartment on the part of the bad guys. The film considers both the Lasborn and the blues to be the most typical and affectionate, and is justified as one of the gems of this series of adaptations. ” Rotating image

Cast and Character:

Basil Rathbone … Sherlock Holmes
Nigel Bruce … Dr. Watson
Gail Sonda Guard … Adrea Spading
Dennis Hoey … Lestrade
Vernon Downing … Norman Rock
Alec Craig … Radrick
Arthur Hall … Gilflower
Mary Gordon … Mrs Hudson
Jimmy Aubrey … News vendor (non-credit)
Brandon Beach … Carnival Patronage (non-credit)
Frank Benson … Toy Doll Attendant (non-credit)
Lydia Bilbrook … Susan (non-credit)
John Burton … Radio announcer (non-credit)
James Carlyle … Casino Patronage (non-credit)
Harry Coding … Fred Garvin (non-credit)
Jack Deely … Casino Patronage (no credits)
Herschel Graham … Casino Patronage (non-credit)
Teddy Infer … Rally (no credit)
George Kirby … News Vendor (No Credits)
Ethel Reda Leopold … Casino Patronage (non-credit)
Stanley Logan … Robert (non-credit)
Wilbur Mack … Casino Patronage (non-credit)
Maurice Marks … Carnival Patronage (non-credit)
John C. McCallum … Carnival Patronage (non-credit)
Robert Mirash … Carnival Barker (non-credit)
Belmitchell … Fortune-teller (non-credit)
Edmund Mortimer … Casino Patronage (non-credit)
William H. O’Brien William H. O’Brien … Doorman (non-credit)
John Roche … Casino Dealer (Non-credit)
Angelo Rossitto … Obongo – Pygmy (no credit)
Jean Ross … Henchman Taylor (non-credit)
Edith Russell … Carnival Patronage (non-credit)
Arthur Stenning … Plain clothes shop (non-credit)
Donald Stuart… Artie – Shooting Gallery Attendant (no credits)

Shooting location:

Universal Studios-100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA

Technical details:

63 minutes
Black and white
Aspect ratio: 1.37: 1
Audio: Monaural (Western Electric Recording)

THE SPIDER WOMAN (1943) Sherlock Holmes Thriller Review and Overview

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