The story of a patient who underwent rod removal surgery in Pune at PristynCare

Pristyn Care, thank you for having a seamless surgical experience by making my treatment journey as smooth as possible..

Kapil Mittal had an accident two years ago. Unfortunately, one of his legs broke and he was advised to have rod surgery to support his bones. After a while, he began complaining about his continued discomfort and one day his walking pain. Kapil Mittal underwent rod removal surgery at Pristyn Care in Pune.

While looking for an orthopedic surgeon in Pune, he came across our website. He contacted us by calling the number listed on our website. Our medical coordinator, Priti, helped him understand our asset light model, how we work and stay connected with patients during the course of treatment. She also provided as much support as possible to ease his surgical experience. She collected all the documents related to his medical history and arranged for his examination. She also collected his insurance information to assist in paperwork to make the billing process feasible.

After listening to Mittal’s concerns, Priti scheduled a video consultation with Dr. Mandhar Nag Mode, an orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Mode is a skilled orthopedic surgeon in Pune who specializes in bone and muscle related surgery. During the first visit, the doctor tried to learn about his accident, his surgical treatment, and the progress of his postoperative recovery.

Dr. MaudcheAfter a thorough consultation, he was deceived for his surgery.Mitaruwas I was admitted to our affiliated hospital, Deccan Hardiker, the day before surgery. The hospital is known for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced medical technology. The surgery was successful and the patient was discharged in 3 days.

To make the entire course of treatment hassle-free for the patient, our coordinator processed all paperwork, including hospitalization and discharge documents, for his treatment. Pristyn Care booked a taxi for him to help him return home after surgery.

Today, Mittal is free from pain and discomfort and is pleased with his surgical experience.

What I really liked about Pristyn Care was that I didn’t have to worry about paperwork during the course of treatment.

We understand that recovery plays an important role for patients. Therefore, we scheduled two follow-up consultations to understand the recovery status of Capil after surgery. Our doctor has given him a set of guidelines to help him recover faster. He reported that he was healthy and well after his second follow-up consultation.

I’m glad to know about PristynCare at the right time. I now recommend Pristine Care to my friends and family for a great treatment.

Mittal quoted the above statement to the doctor during his discharge. He is one of many of our happy patients who are happy with their therapeutic journey in Pristine Care.If you are also looking for something safe and cost effective Orthopedic treatment in Pune, Contact PristynCare today!

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