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WWE US Champion Damian Priest recently spoke Then, in the face of the homeless, he didn’t know how to eat, he had no money at all, so he talked about when to eat and how far he came.

Damian Priest said:

“My stuff was a long way to wrestling, and it wasn’t easy. For me, if you really want to be a wrestler in your life, you have to try a hundred percent. I Was 50% wrestling and suffered a lot for years. “” I lived on the street for a few months because I had no money at all. I lived on the street and on the street. I was sleeping, homeless, and looking for a way to eat. I suffered even when I was working. I tried to pay the rent, but sometimes I didn’t know what to eat the next day. I gave up wrestling and was looking for something to eat. I started working in a nightclub and made money. I worked as a bouncer, and then I was the manager of some nightclubs and strip clubs, and I was very fat. I was about I lost £ 160, but I almost gave up wrestling. I didn’t think there was a future there. But one day at a nightclub, the owner gave me more work and money. I said yes, but I had to stop wrestling on the weekend, so I don’t know how, but “No, I should stop. This is my two week ago notice.”

“I said right away,’Oh, **! What did I do?” But that was the moment I was 100% devoted to achieving my dreams. “No one was going to work for my dream and that was the problem. I thought everyone would help me. And the worst thing was that everyone told me. “Don’t worry. At your size, you’ll be a great star.” “That was the worst thing I’ve ever heard. I put myself in” sleep mode “and dreamed. Did not work for. I jumped in immediately and thanked God for its success. I changed my life positively and started exercising. In fact, it was my first time in my life to enter the gym. And that was in 2012, ten years ago … My daily life at that time was homeless, so I was looking for a way to eat and a place to sleep. It wasn’t that long, but after a few months I couldn’t go anywhere and my friends helped me. I stayed at their house for a few weeks until I got up, found a job, and could rent an apartment, but it wasn’t easy. “

Damian Priest also talked about how to get into full contact combat while pursuing professional wrestling and how it helped protect himself on the streets and still at WWE.

Damian Priest said:

“I’ve been a full-contact national champion twice in New York without gloves or helmets, so for me it’s the same to enter the WWE ring as ever in the same spirit of war. I protect my life in the ring, except not trying to hurt the wrestler. “” We really bumped into each other. Hardcore with Sheamus at Raw last Monday. Match proves that. The public isn’t stupid-they can see UFC, and now that WWE is in high resolution, you can see everything that happens. I’m a big fan of UFC, but no one has knocked out in a full contact fight. Street, yes, I knocked out [people] I work for a club, a drunken man, or a crazy guy. “

“When I got out on the street, I was driving with my mom, a man was playing with me in another car, trying to crash my car, and he even I I didn’t know, they were all drunk, and then he hit me from behind because my mother was in the car. I don’t know what happened, but I was furious and the car After finding out it was okay, I heard him tell his friend in Spanish. -E’. It was New Jersey and he thought I wouldn’t speak Spanish and gave me in broken English “I didn’t say a word to him, just a bang! He fell asleep. I think this was the last time he knocked out someone. A friend got out of the car and came out. “Let’s go, I’ll give you 2×1 today!” And he said to me, “No, calm down! I don’t want to have trouble!” And my mother was very worried, but we just laughed afterwards. “

“And working as a bouncer, where I practiced wrestling like a madman. Even in front of the guards, I was already running on these tables to get rid of the drunken men.” “But, well, it depends on whether he’s just drunk, because if they’re drunk, they can’t protect themselves. So the first thing they do is themselves It’s a dialogue to go out. But if they get angry, I’d rather let them hit me first and allow me to protect myself. “

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The story of Damian Priest facing the homeless, his experience in full contact combat The story of Damian Priest facing the homeless, his experience in full contact combat

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